McCarney Big 12 Teleconference

Iowa State head coach Dan McCarney spoke to the Big 12 media Monday via teleconference, looking ahead to his team's matchup with the Texas Longhorns, who are coming off a blowout loss to Oklahoma.

Opening comments:

"We lost to a really outstanding Texas Tech team Saturday. We tied it early in the third quarter with a touchdown, but from then on they were clearly the better team. They are much improved over a year ago when we played them, and B.J. Symons is the real deal and one of the premier players in college football. He has done it every week of the season and did it against us again Saturday night."

"Texas comes in this week and Mack Brown is clearly one of the best coaches in our profession. They're rated and loaded with talent and experience, and coming off a tough loss to Oklahoma. They're a tremendous football team. They're big, physical, fast and well coached. We're going to have our hands really full with Texas coming in. But we look forward to being back home and the Homecoming crowd."

On Big 12 North's struggles:

"It sure seems like things are wide open with everybody having at least one loss in the North Division. A lot of games are left to be played, so it gives incentive to everybody that if you can hang in there, you can still determine what kind of season you want to have here and not be eliminated from anything.

"There is great balance and some tremendous teams in our league, North and South. We have played two tremendous teams from the South Division in Texas Tech and Oklahoma. But our league will stand up to any of them in the country, always has and always will."

On offenses dominating defenses in Big 12:

"It's the way it's been. You look at some of the scores that are happening and points that are being put up. It's like us the other night. We had been struggling to get some turnovers, get four in the first half, and still trail by a touchdown at halftime. That's normally not going to happen, but you don't normally see an offense like Texas Tech's or quarterback B.J. Symons each week.

"It really is amazing all of the points that are being put up and yards. I'm sure we're not the only ones going crazy with it trying to slow people down. I'm sure a lot of head coaches and defensive coordinators are across the league.

"There is no doubt the skill is just fantastic, and I'm sure that's got a lot to do with it. Good luck at the end of the year trying to figure out who these all-conference players are going to be, based on what we've seen so far. Jason White and B.J. Symons – those are not only two of the best in our conference, but who in the country is playing better than these two right now?"

On starting Bob Montgomery at center:

"We don't know if it's permanent. With Luke Vander Sanden, our starting center, out now we felt like it was the thing we had to do. Bob had always taken some practice snaps at center through the years, but that was the first time he had ever played in the game. With the exception of a few shotgun snaps, I thought he did a solid job. He's one of our better players. We'll just evaluate it week to week and practice to practice, and see what our best combination might be with Luke out of the lineup."

On quarterback situation taking a full week:

"I think that's very accurate. Austin (Flynn) had been our guy through the first few games of the year, and Cris (Love) did a few good things off the bench coming in the second quarter. He threw for a couple touchdowns and had a third one called back. We're going take all this week to evaluate and finalize the decision before Saturday."

On Texas' two-quarterback look compared to ISU's:

"Both of those quarterbacks can play and are tremendous athletes and great players. They're putting up over 40 points a game, so it hasn't mattered who is in there at quarterback. They're both well coached and really outstanding athletes. We're not trying to play any games. We're just trying to put ourselves in position to score a few more points and win some games here. We'll take all week to evaluate our quarterbacks."

On Waye Terry's absence from quarterback battle:

"(Flynn and Love) have just been more consistent on the practice field. We've not forgotten about Waye. When you make a change in the game like we did the other day, we're looking for more consistency and more productivity. There is no one entrenched as number one right now. Waye is still practicing and trying to learn the system to get in the hunt for more playing time. Right now, going into today's practice, it's between Austin and Cris to see who will start the game on Saturday."

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