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"We need more three-and-outs on defense and less of them on offense."
McCarney's team losing game of threes
Des Moines Register

"It was the worst game I've ever been associated with as a coach. This is the low point of my career. We've got a long way to go to get out of this hole."
Drake's win over ISU saved program
Des Moines Register

"I think we relied too much on Lindsey. Lindsey was a great player, not trying to take anything away from her, but she needed more production out of us and we didn't have that. It came to a point where we would sit in games and watch Lindsey do things and not help her out. This year we have some people who know they need to be more productive."
Lack of go-to player should mean more balance
Ames Tribune

"That was obviously a rough time. But I think it strengthened me individually. It made other areas of my life better, improved some things and taken away some things that weren't right. I think overall it has made me a better person."
Love could finally get opportunity this Saturday
Omaha World Herald

"I think everyone on our team has to do more if you look at what we lost last year and what we did last year. I think everyone that's here needs to step up and be a little more productive."
More points will need to come from other WBB positions
Omaha World Herald

More offense key to Cyclone resurgence
Cedar Rapids Gazette

Love battles way back
Cedar Rapids Gazette

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