Media Roundtable: Texas at ISU

Despite witnessing ISU lose 10 of its last 13 games our panel is undaunted this week. More than one of them thinks the Cyclones will pull off the upset and beat 20th-ranked Texas as a Homecoming present.

Larry Cotlar, KXNO Radio in Des Moines

Both the Cyclones and Longhorns are coming off big losses to Texas Tech and Oklahoma, respectively. In fact, it's been back-to-back weeks for Iowa State when you include the Oklahoma loss. When you look at Texas, you get the feeling that this game is not as intimidating as the previous two. It's homecoming weekend for ISU and what better way for the Cyclones to celebrate than with a stunning triumph. Call me crazy (many already have) but I'm going for the upset here. Just a gut feeling, but let's call it Iowa State 28, Texas 27.

Steve Deace, KXNO Radio in Des Moines & CN publisher:

Last week I thought this was a better matchup for the Cyclones than Texas Tech. The Longhorns actually looked worse against #1 Oklahoma than ISU did, plus they're soft – although very talented – and you have to wonder where they're at emotionally after a 52-point, nationally-televised blowout. Of course, you have to wonder where ISU is at emotionally as well, after losing 10 of its last 13 by an average margin of defeat of 28.5 points per game. Look for Cris Love to start at quarterback, and look for the Cyclones to put forth a valiant effort. It will be entertaining, but not enough. I just don't quite have the guts that Cotman has. Texas scores late and wins 24-17.

Ron Maly, retired award-winning sports writer:

I feel like being an optimist today. Don't ask me why. Lots of people are saying Iowa State won't win another football game this season, but I'm not in that group. Indeed, I think the Cyclones are going to
upset Texas. Don't ask me how. All I know is that Mack Brown, the Longhorns' coach, is overrated and so are his teams. I truly believe the emotional Dan McCarney will get his Cyclones aroused enough to win this
game 35-31. (But, hey, don't bet anything beyond two dimes and a nickel on this. I just feel badly for McCarney and his players, and I really want them to beat somebody).

Zuben Mehenti, WOI TV-5 in Des Moines

These are two teams both coming off quite humbling defeats. Neither team was favored to win last week, but losing by such a wide margin has shaken each team to its core. So who does that help? I say Texas. They know they are a good team with loads of talent, they just need to play like it and the pressure is on to show that this Saturday. For the Cyclones, in my estimation, there is no pressure to win, which usually plays to a team's strength. But the question is do they think they can win? The players keep saying they are still confident but four straight losses might make anybody question himself. So, Texas and Iowa State both have questions and I think the Longhorns will have the answer. The prediction is Texas 24, Iowa State 16.

B.J. Schaben, KASI Radio in Ames

I'm sticking to my pre-season prediction: Iowa State goes bonkers against Texas. Let's hope for a fair and honest linesman on 4th-and-one. Look for the Cyclones to pull off the upset, 35-31.






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