Friday's Iowa State sports links

"I will take further action when the legal process has been completed. Jackson has let down his teammates and supporters of our basketball program. He has jeopardized his future at Iowa State University. Players in our program are accountable for their actions and must face the consequences of their behavior."
ISU power forward suspended indefinitely following arrest
Des Moines Register

"Obviously, (Iowa State) is a very tough job. (Coaches) either win and move on, or they don't make it to 100. That's a great thing for Dan."
McCarney set to make history in Ames
Des Moines Register

"We're not building for the future. Any decision I make right now is not for 2004, I can assure you of that. It's all for trying to beat Texas and win as many games as we can and get our fourth bowl bid."
Youth movement a them around ISU
Omaha World Herald

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