Iowa State vs. Texas Quotebook

Here is a complete transcription with comments from Iowa State and Texas players and coaches following the Longhorns' 40-19 victory in Ames. The setback was the Cyclones' fifth consecutive loss overal and third in the Big 12.

Dan McCarney:

"They're an outstanding football team and we knew that going into the game. They have a lot of speed, size, run a good system and are well coached. I was real proud of our second half and the effort. Those are the situations that are never easy to play in or coach in, but when you're down 27-0 at halftime it's a great test of the character of the program."

"I thought our kids really fought back in the second half and won it, 19-13. We just dug too deep a hole in the first half to have a chance to win the game. But I felt they played extremely hard for many snaps, especially in the first half."

"We saw five freshmen out there on offense and five on defense most of the time. It's not an excuse, but a very good positive that we're doing a lot of good things in the second half with a lot of good, young players on the field. But there are no rookies at this time of the year, unless you pull a redshirt off someone as we did with DeAndre Jackson. I think he's our 16th freshman that is playing."

"In all honesty, coming out of the Oklahoma game, he lost some confidence. That defense will do it to you. He struggled early down at Texas Tech last week, and then Cris Love practiced better and that's why we made the decision late in the week to start Cris.

"But I thought Austin really got his confidence back in the second half, made some good plays, ran the ball well and made some nice throws. I was very impressed with his comeback. I'm glad he fought back and there's no doubt his confidence is back."

"I don't know that it's that obvious at running back right now, because Mike Wagner played well too. But Stevie ran hard. That was a physical Big 12 back running the ball in the second half. I'm very proud of him running hard and getting yards after contact. You can see he's a hundred percent now, and that was something that wasn't the case earlier in the season."

"We came out and blocked better, ran harder, executed and got 19 points on the board in the second half. It was good to see us improve in the second half. We've got to build on that second half as a football team getting ready for Nebraska."

"It seemed like it was three-and-out and three-and-out, because we didn't turn the ball over all day. That's a plus. We weren't giving them short fields because of turnovers. They were collapsing the pocket. We didn't feel good about the running game and we missed on some things in the passing game."

"We challenged our kids pretty strongly in the locker room. It's no fun to be down 27-0. We knew we were capable of playing better. This is a string of some tough teams, but we needed to play better. It was a good gut check and character check in the second half. Even though we lost the game, we won the character check."

"It's been one of those seasons. I've never seen anything like it, but that's why I'm so proud of the way those kids fought because we sure are short-handed right now."

"It's been hard (defensively). Those are three outstanding offenses. That's tough. If we had all of our players out there, it's still a tough chore. At times it feels like we're going out there into a backyard brawl or shootout and we've got water guns."

"(Jamaul Montgomery) was suspended for disciplinary reasons. It had nothing to do with grades or the law. He'll be reinstated on Monday."

"Tim Tebrink has been moved back with Jordan Carstens not being 100 percent. We weren't sure how many snaps Jordan could play. We moved him back. It also helped getting James Wright back at tight end. He was out two games. I think we can move Tim back to defense and leave him alone."

Lane Danielsen:

"He gave us a spark just like Cris did last week. I just go out there and do my job. Austin helped us out a lot."

"We just couldn't get anything going. Coach Brickey did a good job calling plays, but we didn't execute. Some plays we'd have guys open and the quarterback wouldn't have time to throw. The next time we'd be covered and he'd have all kinds of time. But Austin came in and gave our offense a spark and we got some things going in the second half. We showed that we could move the ball, and hopefully we can take that momentum into next week."

Nick Leaders:

"We got put into some bad spots and didn't do a good job on some plays. If the offense is going to put up some points (in the second half), we've got to at least do our job and hold them and at least make them drive it if they're going to score."

Stevie Hicks:

"The second half we came out and started running the ball. The guys did a good job opening it up."

"It helps me out a lot. I think I'm more relaxed in the backfield. Earlier in the season, it was real frustrating for me because I couldn't do the things I was capable of doing. I was starting to think too much, because I was frustrated about what was going on. But I feel a lot better now and am letting things happen. It's getting a lot better."

Ellis Hobbs:

"We've got to come together as a team. A lot of things are not clicking for us right now. But the sign of a great team and good team compared to an average one is that it overcomes adversity. The offense can't do everything. We realize that a couple of things are our fault. We need to get ourselves off the field sometimes. Both sides have to be working for each other."

Texas offensive coordinator Greg Davis:

"I thought the execution right before half was unbelievable. They did a great job. It was important."

"We wanted to get B.J. Johnson involved. Part of it was the way they played and part of it was we moved him around. The long pass that he caught early in the fourth quarter, we had an inside read with Roy and chance had B.J. outside. The reverse pass was designed to get the ball to him. The touchdown, he had one-on-one coverage."

Cedric Benson:

"There was a little adversity. You've got to face up to it, stand up to it, be strong and move on. It was a big learning experience for this team and brought us together. It bettered us."

"It started with the guys up front. They're always ready to play. They stood up tall and held their ground. It makes it easy for me to gain yards. I've been looking for that big 30-carry game and I had 32 today. The guys up front are the ones that make it happen."

B.J. Johnson:

"It just means that I have to keep on working. When opportunities come, you have to run with them."

Mack Brown:

"We're real proud of our guys for bouncing back today. We played hard. I thought they played well in the first half and pretty much dominated the game. Defensively, we shut them down completely, and our offense moved the ball. The defense did a great job with some poor field position."

"They adjusted and started moving the ball some in the third quarter, but offensively we responded well and took the game over. I knew they would play hard."

"They only had 45 yards of total offense in the first half, guys were flying around and we didn't have a turnover. We had our hands on a couple balls that should have been interceptions, but we couldn't get them. But I thought our guys played well."

"Their wasn't any pressure on either quarterback. They did what they were supposed to do. Chance played his best game today. Both of them played really well. Cedric Benson ran about as well as I've seen him run. He made a lot of key plays on second and third downs to move the chains. The offense responded really well when they had to in the first half. And coming back in third quarter, they took it back over every time Iowa State came down and cut into the lead."

"They both responded very well, and the best thing is the team responded real well regardless of who was in there."

"We hadn't gotten the ball to him enough. He's a great player. I thought Roy played really well today, but it was a chance for B.J. to get some plays. And Roy was our leading passer; he hit 100 percent."

"We're excited to get back on track and excited to come up here and get to play. When you have a tough game and don't play well, it's not like baseball and basketball. You don't get the chance to go right back out and answer it. Our team answered pretty well this weekend."

Vince Young:

"I thought my first start went real well. It felt a little different coming in and I was pretty nervous, but we went down and had a good drive."

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