Iowa State vs. Nebraska Quotebook

Here is a complete transcription with comments from Iowa State head coach Dan McCarney and his players following the Cyclones' 28-0 loss at Nebraska. The setback was the Cyclones' sixth consecutive loss overal and fourth in the Big 12.

Dan McCarney:

"They're an outstanding football team and very deserving of the ranking they have. They're well coached and fundamentally sound. They're a very physical team. I was real proud of the effort of my football team, and of especially my defense. We gave up one scoring drive when they really took the ball and drove on us. Other than that, it's blocked punt, blocked punt and a fumble where we give them the ball at the 20-yard line. I thought our defense, especially with four, five and six freshmen out there playing most of the game hung in and did a lot of good things."

"It's a bad feeling to go back to back to back losing games like this. I feel sorry for my kids. My heart aches for them, because they really are playing hard. You saw today the character of this football team. We're down 28-0 at half and you can one of two ways. They were just not going to give up. I didn't see anybody take one play off in the second half."

"The Blackshirts are outstanding and obviously we were very poor at times from an execution standpoint on offense. To get shut out like that is very disappointing."

"For different reasons we got off to a bad start. This week there was the punt team that was ridiculous. It had nothing to do with any scheme. Both of our wings just got physically overwhelmed when they came in to block punts. There wasn't a twist and we didn't turn anybody loose. We were right there blocking them, but they just physically overwhelm us."

"I called fake punt and we throw a dirt ball. He'd still be running, he was so wide open. We got exactly what we thought, but just don't execute it. Our punt team really hurt us today, obviously. Three big plays were just real poor execution on our part. It had a lot to do with the hole we dug in the first half. That's so disappointing over here."

"I've been over here before and it was a complete physical mismatch. I didn't sense that at all today, not from the beginning or at the end. But they just dominated our kicking game in the first half and we could not sustain drives offensively enough to get back in the game in the second half."

"We're not even close to where we want to be right now. We're not executing and don't make enough plays. It's inconsistency. We've got to find a way to move the ball. This conference is loaded with offenses that can score points. If you're as inconsistent as we were today, then you're really going to struggle winning games. We've got to find a way."

"Austin Flynn is still out starter, but it was good to see Waye get in there and get his first playing time. We'll continue to evaluate those guys, but Austin will still be our starter. We've got to be more consistent offensively. It's very disappointing."

"The problems we had was a junior, senior and sophomore. Those guys have been around and been coached. It had nothing to do with the freshmen that we do play."

Lane Danielsen:

"It's definitely a low point for us. Offensively, it's ridiculous. We didn't do anything. It's the first time we've been shut out since 1991. It's very frustrating for us. Our defense played their heart out."

"One good thing is we have a bye week. We've got some guys that are beat up. This has been a tough streak of teams we've played here. With some time off hopefully we can get our bodies rested up, have some good practices and get the offense rolling."

"I don't think there was a physical mismatch at all. I didn't feel like this was the 1995 National Championship Nebraska. We made too many mistakes and didn't make plays offensively. You take two blocked punts and a fumble in the red zone. You can't win at Lincoln doing that."

Austin Flynn:

"They've got a tremendous defense and there's a reason why they're successful. You've got to give a lot of credit to their defense. They dominated this game and took it over. Your goal is to put a lot of points on the board and to have a goose egg on the board by the end of the game really hurts you."

"It didn't seem like we were getting a lot of five-step drops in and were trying to throw the ball quicker. We tried a little bit quicker game."

Joe Woodley:

"We don't worry about what the offense does, we have to worry about what we do. I think that's why we did a lot of good things today. We blocked everything else out and were fitting where we were supposed to fit. But we didn't get enough turnovers to win this game. This is a team game. The offensive guys work just as hard as we do. If your offense is having a tough time moving the ball, we have to step it up."

"It does come at a good time, because we've got some guys that are banged up. We've got to regroup and keep fighting. That's what we showed in the second half."

JaMaine Billups:

"We've got to go out there and keep playing, regardless of the situation or where the ball's at on the field. It shows the heart and character we have for our team and this defense."

Jason Berryman:

"Every game is a new game and you have a new offensive you've got to play against. Every game is a new experience. We've got to keep a good positive attitude."

Ellis Hobbs:

"We knew that regardless of what happened on the other side of the ball, we had to make more plays. Going back to the one drive they had, the three-play drive for the touchdown, other than that it's 0-0. We still gave them a lot of things out there, they drove the ball on us and we should have gotten off the field much faster. But at the same time, we thought we had a good day. It just wasn't enough."

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