Iowa State vs. K-State Quotebook

Here is a complete transcription with comments from Iowa State head coach Dan McCarney and his players following the Cyclones' 45-0 loss at home to Kansas State. The setback was the Cyclones' seventh consecutive loss overall and fifth in the Big 12.

Dan McCarney:

Opening comments:

"It was a complete domination in the second half by Kansas State. I felt like, defensively, we did some real good things in the first half to give us a chance to hang in there, make a real good game of it and have a chance to win. That first play of the second half really hurt. That kind of set the tone for the second half for Kansas State, coming out and really controlling the ball and dominating the line of scrimmage."

"Bill's got an outstanding defense again. They're ranked 11th in the country and played like it today. They did a real good job of controlling our offense. We couldn't consistently put anything together."

"None of the quarterbacks in there were real effective. We'll continue to evaluate who might be our starter next week. We don't like playing this quarterback carousel thing. We've got to find somebody who will be consistent and make more plays. But it sure isn't all our quarterback. We didn't protect as good as we needed to, and didn't make some plays when we had opportunities from the skill position. It's a very disappointing loss and offensive day not being able to put points on the board."

"I thought Stevie Hicks did some good things at times. He'll learn from today. He's one of the many freshmen that are playing. He made some nice runs, good decisions and ran hard at times. He'll continue to build on that."

"We've got a lot of work to do before next week. Colorado always has talent and is well coached. It will be our last game at home and we want to try to win this for our seniors. It will be a very important game."

On Terry's performance:

"It's just inconsistency and it's kind of been that way all season long at the quarterback spot. We're doing some good things and you see potential with Austin (Flynn) and Waye. There's talent, ability and times they make plays. But we've got to make more plays, be more consistent and make better decisions. We've got to do a better job of coaching and help those kids."

On changed outlook with no postseason hopes:

"I don't think so. Some coaches may do that. It's very disappointing and sad that we're not going to postseason play. It was a 22-year drought and we went to three-in-a-row and that sets in with everybody right now that we can't go to a bowl game.

"That further defines the job I have to do this week, to make sure we come back with a lot of focus, integrity and confidence to go play that game, even though we're not going to have a chance to go play an extra one at the end of the year.

"But we won't be saying ‘heck with all of the juniors and seniors, we need to get ready for 2004.' That won't happen as far as I'm here. We're going to do all that we can to win this game, coach the kids here, embrace them with support and care, knowing that there aren't a lot of positives coming out of this game. I know that. It's more of my job that I do a great job with my players and staff in tough situations."

On lineups for K-State:

"We had two weeks to try to get our best lineup out there, based on what we saw. Those were the best guys to put out there and give us a chance to win. Luke Vander Sanden did some practicing this week, and we made the decision in pre-game warmup not to play him. He's got a real good chance to be back for Colorado. When he gets back, he's our starting center and the best one on this team.

"Other than that, we're not rolling the dice, reaching in the hat and deciding to give this guy a shot. We're trying to coach, evaluate, critique and teach just the way we did with the past three teams that went to bowl games."

On Wildcat rusher Darren Sproles:

"If you give him just a little bit of daylight, he's going to do what he did on that first play of the second half. A lot of that first half we were able to contain him, and we gang tackled him and didn't give him big running lanes or daylight. But he's just a sensational football player, and unfortunately for us he's just a junior and will be back again.

"You see the impact of his speed. He's tough, physical, has good hands and can make you miss, too, but when you give him an opening he looks like he has world-class speed."

On motivating team for next three games:

"It's important that they know the character of this program is still in place. We've got a lot of good players on this team that want to be coached, finish with their heads hung high and do good things. But it makes it hard when a number of these teams that we've played are really talented. Kansas State is an outstanding football team, standing on the sidelines and watching them. That's still the same team that was picked in the top five this preseason. It's my job to make sure everybody stays hungry and we keep good focus."

On mental vs. physical problems of offense:

"It wears on you after a while, because we're not pulling much confidence out of this game on offense because we were shut out again. But you've got to go back, break it down and pull out the good plays and things we did against an outstanding defense. We need to build on those things and do more of those things.

"But there were still a number of plays that we got stuffed, stopped, sacked and there were seven, eight or nine guys out there doing a good job. We need to get all 11 doing it together. Right now we need to have success to have confidence, and we need to have confidence to have success. It's like a dog chasing its tail right now. We've got to start making some plays, having success, and from that will come some confidence."

On outlook heading into second half:

"We had given up some touchdowns, but it just didn't feel like we were getting overwhelmed physically or anything like that. We had done some real good things. Obviously, that first play of the second half hurt. But you've got to still be good enough to get back into the game. We were unable to do that and Kansas State put the clamps on us."

On lackluster play from wide receivers:

"It's not any one guy. It's protection here. It's a dropped pass there. It's a route that maybe not have been where we wanted it there. It's Kansas State making a great play on a real good throw. It's a combination of those things."

Austin Flynn:

"You've got to give a lot of credit to Kansas State. They have a great defense and played well. The defense, offense and special teams played well. They deserved to win and played a lot better than us in the second half."

"We've got to keep moving on and find a way somehow to put points on the board. It's going to start on Monday. We're going to work hard. This isn't the end of it because we're not going to postseason play. We're really going to get after it and work hard this week."

Stevie Hicks:

"I just want to win for these seniors."

"I had a few openings, but we just need to get better as a team on offense. We've got to say consistent with what we're doing and put some points on the board. I think it may be a little bit mental and physical. We've got to keep working."

Lane Danielsen:

"(Breaking the record) means a lot to me. It's tough right now, but I'm sure down the road it will mean a lot more. It's something I've been working towards my whole career at Iowa State, and it's nice to finally accomplish both records."

"We have to have a good week of practice. Offensively, we haven't been able to get any type of rhythm. We've been shuffling quarterbacks and trying different things. The offensive line has been beat up and shuffled around. We can't seem to get a rhythm between the quarterback and receivers, and we can't get a run game going."

Chris Whitaker:

"It's tough, but that's life and the game of football. It's not always how you dream it or draw it up. You've got to live and deal with it."

"We knew that we had to step it up even more. We were trying to play at a level to match Kansas State, which is a very good team. We were trying to match their level all day and then some. Once they got that big play, we knew we'd have to match it even higher. That gave them a little juice to get going."

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