Media Roundtable: Colorado

Ho-hum...another week, another game, and our panel predicts yet another loss for the struggling Cyclones. Oh well, at least this week they think it will be a close, compelling game.

Larry Cotlar, KXNO Radio in Des Moines

This is the one game that most fans have identified as Iowa State's best chance to snare a Big 12 Conference victory this season. Colorado looked to be a shell of its former self earlier in the year, but the Buffaloes have played much better since switching from a man-to-man defensive scheme to a zone defense. However, this Colorado team has not been its usual strong self running the football and depends more on the arm of quarterback Joel Klatt. Of course, ISU's offense right now is TERRIBLE, thus the back-to-back shutouts for the first time since 1958. The Cyclones should be able to experience some success moving the ball against Colorado, but one still has to favor the Buffaloes since they still have something to play for (a possible bowl bid) while ISU is playing mostly to give its seniors a winning send-off in their final game at Jack Trice Stadium. Unfortunately, Colorado still has too much and will score a 34-18 win.

Steve Deace, KXNO Radio in Des Moines & CN publisher:

It's hard to believe that after a month-long drought the atrocity that is Iowa State's offense will all of a sudden have a breakout game, even if this week's opponent has struggled on defense at times this season. Nonetheless, Colorado is still the two-time defending Big 12 North Division champion. Sure, the Buffaloes are in a rebuilding mode themselves, but they're much further along the path than are the Cyclones. They're actually getting better as the season wears on. Waye Terry gets another shot at quarterback, at least until he gets pulled again. ISU will play inspired football, and that will keep the game relatively closer than the lopsided results we've seen the last five weeks. The question is will Brad Smith, Trey DiCarlo, Mark Clayton, and Cedric Benson score more points than ISU this week? The answer is no. But those four players will still enjoy a win, while the Cyclones won't. Look for Colorado to escape Ames with a 28-17 victory.

Ron Maly, retired award-winning sports writer:

All right, this is the one. This is the week the agony ends. Forget about that 2-7 overall record. Don't give a second of thought to the 0-5 Big 12 record. Iowa State beats Colorado on Saturday. Nothing to worry about. The Cyclones come out of the locker room with smoke pouring out of their ears, they're at an emotional high for their final home game of the season. It's the last appearance in Jack Trice Stadium for 27 Iowa State seniors. Forget the jokes for a week. Say that's not a good thing, it's a bad thing. All jokes aside, it will be Iowa State 28, Colorado 21.

Zuben Mehenti, WOI TV-5 in Des Moines

I think of the three remaining games left on its schedule, this game against Colorado is the most winnable. The other two games have too much at stake for the other teams to afford a loss to the Cyclones. Kansas has bowl aspirations and Missouri does as well, so back to the game this week, which in my estimation an upset possibility. Colorado has been a bit of a disappointment after a 2-0 start. Not much was expected of Colorado but after getting out of the gate fast, 4-6 is not what they may have looking for. Though, in typical Colorado fashion, they are playing better as the season is nearing its end. In addition, they are doing the one thing that Iowa State wishes it could do—show improvement from week-to-week. That may be the deciding factor in this one. Both teams are struggling but the little momentum Colorado has may just be enough to make the difference. The prediction is Colorado 20, Iowa State 16.

B.J. Schaben, KASI Radio in Ames

Iowa State scores, but it won't be enough. The Buffaloes have the carrot of bowl eligibility dangling in front of them. Thus, Colorado wins, 24-21.





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