Iowa State vs. Colorado Quotebook

Here is a complete transcription with comments from Iowa State head coach Dan McCarney and his players following the Cyclones' 44-10 loss at home to Colorado. The setback was the Cyclones' eighth consecutive loss overall and sixth in the Big 12.

Dan McCarney:

"Colorado is really an improving football team, and they've been showing that coming into today. They're impressive. They just dominated us, mauled us and completely controlled the whole first half. It was a combination of things, but they just made some tremendous plays. I thought (Joel) Klatt was really outstanding today. He didn't miss on many throws. We knew they had two great receivers coming into it, and we had some uncharacteristic breakdowns in our secondary."

"We thought we would play better football than we did. There was too much damage done in the first half. It was not the way we wanted to finish this home schedule for our seniors. We've got to rally these kids for these last two away games."

"I didn't see any one thing. We were just inconsistent. They sure played better (than their ranking) today, as they did when they beat Missouri last week. They didn't stay blocked and did a good job running to the ball. Their coverage at times was really good. We've got to start playing with more confidence, and to do that you've got to make more plays."

"It could easily be our worst first half of the season. We had great meetings and our preparation was good. Our seniors did a wonderful job last night talking about this game, and finishing the season despite the disappointment and frustration. Colorado really came out, played well and got after us in the first half."

"He was OK. He wasn't really good, and wasn't really bad. He's getting some valuable playing time. Again, he showed he's got some arm strength out there. He'll learn from today. As far as I'm concerned, he's our starting quarterback going into these last two games."

"They're human. We've been through it enough times this year, where those things are natural. We're in a hole and we don't want to be in a hole. We talked all week long about getting off to a good start, scoring some points, getting ahead of them, and how great it would be to come into the locker room with a lead. It's very disappointing.

"Our defense again had some real short fields. Tony (Yelk) really struggled punting the ball in the first half. The end result was that our defense was again out there for some real short fields."

"We will build on the second half. There was nothing there in the first half that I saw. But we've got to pull some things out of the second half, because we did move the ball and scored some points. We played much better defense and got some turnovers. We've got to build on that, because the first half was horrible."

"We've got two weeks left as a football family. There is some finality to this thing right now. We know it's over in two weeks. You can go into the tank, hide, make excuses, point fingers and talk about next year, or you can zero in and lock in on these next 14 days and finish the season with our heads held high."

Stevie Hicks:

"I'm not sure what was not going right. It seems like when we go downhill, we stay down for a while. They had a pretty good gameplan coming in and executed it pretty well. We've got to stay positive and get things back on track. It's pretty frustrating, but we've got two games left and need to stay upbeat. We've got to get these next two wins."

Ellis Hobbs:

"I'm doing my part and that's all I can ask for. It's not a selfish thing, but that's what I'm trying to do. I guess it's human nature, when they get up by 14, you want to put your head down. But I thought my team did a real good job of fighting through whatever situations they were in."

Jordan Carstens:

"It's tough, coming out and playing like we did today. It's hard to pinpoint what really went wrong. It's probably a lot of things. We were able to match their intensity. We've got to get that winning attitude back, and just come out and have a good week of practice. Hopefully we can get it done."

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