McCarney Big 12 Teleconference

Iowa State head coach Dan McCarney spoke to the Big 12 media Monday via teleconference, with his team coming up on a season-ending matchup with Mizzou. Here is a complete transcription.

Opening comments:

"We lost to a much-improved, real fine Kansas team. Congratulations to Mark Mangino and their program. It was a tough, close game for quite a while. It was 12-7 at half and 15-7 early in the fourth quarter. Bill Whittemore was the difference in the game. He was outstanding, as he has been all season long for them. He's a real inspiration and tremendous player. Kansas' defense played real well, stepped it up and we struggled offensively. That was a great win for Kansas.

"Missouri is a tremendous football team that's already bowl eligible. They're undefeated at home this year. Like always, under Gary Pinkel, they're well-coached, tough, physical, play with great fundamentals and don't beat themselves. They're the third least penalized team in the league, number three in turnover ratio at plus 10, and everybody in the nation knows about Brad Smith. They're an outstanding football team, and I don't see any weaknesses in the tape we're watching. It's a great challenge. We look forward to going down and playing the game. We're thankful that ABC is going to televise this game."

On injuries, coming out of KU game:

"Hopefully Joe Woodley will be ready to go. He only played five plays. He had a concussion and it was not a real serious one. Those are things you don't take lightly. We took precaution and kept him out of the game. I think he'll have a chance to come back. It will be his last time to pull on shoulder pads and put on a helmet at Iowa State."

"Nik Moser is still very questionable. He hasn't played in a long time. Other than that, David Banks went out with a slight concussion. I think he'll have a chance to come back. It was a very hard-hitting game."

On quarterback situation and rotating three quarterbacks with ones:

"No, we won't. We didn't want to on Saturday. We planned on a two-quarterback rotation and I assume that's what it will be, based on how practices go this week. We'll make a decision on who's going to start later. Frankly, we're not into three-quarterback rotations. We don't like two-quarterback rotations, but that's the hand we've been dealt. Hopefully one of those guys will come through and be consistent for us this week."

On possibility of Frank Solich being fired:

"I cannot even imagine it in this lifetime or the next one, that that's even a possibility. All administrators and fans want somebody leading your program with integrity, class, character, knowledge, professionalism, and being a winner. That's all I've ever known Frank Solich to be. That's all he'll ever be, in his job at Nebraska or anywhere else."

On play of Jason Berryman:

"He's done a phenomenal job. We had no idea he could do anything like this. Tyson Smith broke his leg in the first game, and Jason was his backup that stepped in. He's had 72 tackles in the last five games. He leads the nation in tackles for freshmen defensive linemen. That's against Texas, Nebraska, Kansas State, Colorado and Kansas. He is really special.

"Whatever we list him as, he's not that big. Last week he came out of a weight workout on Thursday and was only 216 pounds. So he's lost some weight through having to play a lot of snaps this year. We'll get him bigger and stronger through the out-of-season, but he is really special. There's no doubt he's our defensive MVP through this season, based on what he's been doing."

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