Morgan, Vroman Speak to Media

Iowa State head men's basketball coach Wayne Morgan and senior post player Jackson Vroman met with the media Tuesday afternoon at Hilton Coliseum. Vroman read a statement to the media, before Morgan answered questions about his situation. Here is Vroman's complete statement and the remarks from Morgan.

Jackson Vroman statement:

"First off, I'd like to thank you guys for taking time from your schedule to be here. I'd also like to take this opportunity to make a public apology to my family, teammates, coaching staff, boosters, fans and the University. I've been dealing with some various issues and problems for some time now. I've made a great deal of progress addressing my personal issues, however, I understand that I used extremely poor judgement in drinking and operating a motor vehicle on the morning of October 16th.

"Although I've made some big mistakes, I'm hopeful that through continuing to get help on many levels I can overcome my problems. Coach Morgan and the staff have been empathetic with me on what is expected socially and have helped to put me in situations to succeed and be successful in my life. I thank them for all of their help. Again, I'd like to apologize to my family and teammates, and thank them for their support. They're the current core in my life right now.

"I've been through some assessments, am receiving counseling and participating in public service. I understand that I'm suspended from the team, competition and my future behavior will determine my participation on the team. I've fulfilled all my judicial obligations and am excited about my future on this team. I'll work hard to regain your trust and the trust of my family, teammates and coaching staff."

Wayne Morgan:

"I think it's very brave for Jackson to acknowledge before you that he is working on and has overcome many of his personal problems. He has accepted personal responsibility for his actions and is addressing whatever his issues are on a day-to-day basis. I think our obligation is to do everything we can do for all of our student-athletes to help them become successful contributors to our society.

"We do not condone any inappropriate behavior and will always take disciplinarian to address any inappropriate behavior by any of our student-athletes. Our players and student-athletes are all 18 to 22 years old, and I think sometimes we loose sight of that fact and that they are just like the 18 to 22 year olds that we have at home. They're still young, inexperienced and will make mistakes. They need our help and support to get through those times.

"He has followed through with all of the evaluations, assessments and penalties that we have put before him and requested that he do. He has done every single one, and just the way we wanted to. We're pleased with that part of it.

"He has been suspended from the following: the first two exhibition games and Cyclone Shootout; practicing the first two and a half weeks; Media Day and Big 12 Media Day; and was unable to participate as a senior captain. He will be suspended for our opening game against Mercer.

"It should be noted that this is consistent with the student-athlete code of honor as stated in our student-athlete handbook at Iowa State. We are dedicated to supporting Jackson, providing he progresses and doesn't regress or run afoul of the law. If that should happen at any point, he will be immediately and summarily dismissed from our team.

"His potential to remain with the team and participate in competition rests solely on his ongoing correct social behavior and dedication to addressing his personal situation in a vigorous fashion. He may play against Northern Iowa, if I am still pleased after the Mercer game, and what he's been doing. That will be the first opportunity that he will have to play. I wouldn't say that it's concrete he would play then, but there's a very good chance that he will play then."

Morgan on Tim Barnes's status:

"He is working very hard academically and we're hopeful that he's able to rejoin us. I will also say that we won't know the results of that until we get the last grades from his finals. There is no definitive answer until all of those grades come in, and we see that he's done what he has to do to regain his eligibility. But he is working hard attempting to do that."

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