Big Weekend Could Pay Dividends

It's looking more and more like the Cyclones wrapped up their biggest recruiting weekend to date without a commitment. But that should come as no concern, for I feel the coaching staff has improved their position with several key recruits.

I'm sure many of you have already read the story on the front page on Brandon Gunn, written by The Insiders' Josh Clark. Gunn is one player I'd put in that category. Another would probably be Marcel Pestano, the playmaking wide receiver, who I'm also hearing had a very positive experience to ISU. Another Florida high schooler, Ricky Ponton, could still be considered a Cyclone lean, but is making it clear he intends to make more official visits.

The news on the junior college front appears to be this: ISU will probably end the year of 2003 without taking a verbal from any two-year players. That's more due to the academic side of things than being sold on the talent that headed to Ames this weekend.

I think the staff is probably taking a wait and see attitude on how their JUCO targets finish first semester classes. Depending on how those turn out, the staff could go after these kids even harder and start pushing for commitments. Otherwise, you may see ISU falling off a few of these players.

However, it does appear that players like George Lane and Kenny Jackson had very positive visits to Ames, and will be key targets if they succeed in the classroom. You can tell Mac and his staff are being very careful with the JUCO kids they're recruiting this time around.

One of the expected 18 visitors this weekend was kept at home for a family Christmas party. Gunn's Omaha Central teammate Cortney Grixby remained at home instead of tripping to Ames. However, he appears to have set a January visit date, so that should be good news for ISU fans. But it's also believed that Nebraska's possible hiring of Bo Pelini could hamper the Cyclones' efforts and lead the five-star cornerback to Lincoln.

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