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"That's not unusual in any rivalry game. If you get too up for it, it's hard to get back to that level again. Then, if you're able to succeed and you don't get back to that level again, people will say, 'Wait a minute. We've played that great before. Why can't we do it again?" "
Fans likely to see high-scoring game Saturday
Des Moines Register

"I'm a lot more nervous about it now than I was even the first time. It's more dangerous now than it was back them. He'll have three days at Christmas, so we'll try to go down and see him for the last time for a long time."
Easley's son heads to Iraq
Des Moines Register

"I think she'll be very disappointed if she doesn't play. I asked her the other day, "Do you want to play?" Her immediate response was, "I've been waiting 18 months, why would I wait another game?" I would say her time would be very limited. I need to see her Saturday to see what she can do."
Debut could come as early as Sunday for Robinette
Des Moines Register

"He's one of the greatest coaches of all time. It's going to be exciting to play against him, but our goal is go in and win at Drake no matter who (is coaching)."
Davis takes on new role, sparks ISU-Drake rivalry
Ames Tribune

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