Thursday's Iowa State sports links

"You can't lose faith when you have the crowd behind you. Once the crowd gets going, you've got to get going."
Stinson, Cyclones surge past Wildcats
Des Moines Register

"We were very disappointed in the poor communication between the officials on this play. The officials did subsequently administer the correctable-error rule in the proper manner, but this situation should not have occurred. We have taken action regarding the officials consistent with our conference officiating policies."
Big 12: Refs did proper job of fixing error
Des Moines Register

"I don't remember any times struggling this badly. The games that we lose are the games that we don't shoot well and the games where we turn the ball over. When we turn the ball over 18 times, it's hard to win."
Fennelly's team struggles through blowout loss
Des Moines Register

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