Danielsen Post-Combine Q&A

Following an impressive showing at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, former Iowa State wide receiver Lane Danielsen shared some of the highlights with CycloneNation.com and discussed his future pro prospects.

CN: Why don't you start by giving some overall impressions of your time spent at the NFL Combine? Lane Danielsen: I spent four days in Indianapolis and went through the most intense testing. They test you in everything from medical to psychological to physical. It's pretty stressful, but it worked out really well. I did some interviews with a lot of teams and worked out on the fourth day that I was down there. I really helped myself a lot and worked out really good.

CN: What were some of the areas you performed well in?

Danielsen: I ran a pretty decent 40 for the combine. It's fully automatic and it's not the greatest surface, but everyone has the same surface. I ran a 4.50 for them. There were 50 receivers there and that ranked me in the top 20. That really helped, because they weren't sure how fast I was.

Then all of the change of direction drills were good. They do a 20-yard shuttle, 60-yard shuttle and what's called a three-cone. The three-cone I ran the fastest time out of all the receivers. The 60-yard shuttle I ran the fastest time and in the 20-yard shuttle I was in the top three. So I really did good there and opened some eyes.

They have you run routes, catch balls and do different ball drills. I caught the ball well, but that's never been a problem for me. Those are the areas where I helped myself out a lot.

CN: So the next step seems to be getting that call from an NFL team during the draft. What are your thoughts on taking the next step in your football career?

Danielsen: It's a great feeling. I enjoyed a lot of success at Iowa State and put up some good numbers. It's a good feeling to know that all of the hard work will hopefully pay off for me now. Hopefully I can make some money and get on a team where I can flourish and make it. There are a lot of guys who get drafted, but still get cut. The NFL is so competitive. They bring 100 guys into camp and cut it down to 53. Each team only keeps six receivers.

One thing that's going to help me out a lot is being able to play special teams. When it comes down to keeping that fifth and sixth receiver, what else can that receiver do for us? I can cover kicks, cover punts and return kicks, so that's really going to help me out at the next level. Playing all of that offense and special teams will hopefully pay off at the next level.

CN: Did you draw any comparisons to other receivers from scouts at the Combine?

Danielsen: The two guys that came to mine were Brandon Stokley, who plays for the Indianapolis Colts right now. A lot of coaches and scouts told me that they reminded me a combination of Stokley and Ricky Proehl. Maybe I have a little more speed than Ricky Proehl. But those were the top two guys that I compared to.

CN: What's next for you, in terms of preparing for your NFL career?

Danielsen: Iowa State has a pro timing day on March 11th, and that's where scouts can come and work out guys that are entering the draft or that have graduated. Basically anybody that plays at Iowa State can work out. A lot of guys work out. It's also for guys that didn't get invited to the Combine. Lance Young, Bob Montgomery, Casey Shelton and JaMaine Billups are going to work out for the scouts. Sometimes scouts are trying to find diamonds in the rough.

I have the option to test on anything that I wasn't happy with at the Combine. I haven't decided if I'm going to run a 40 or not. If I run a faster time, they'll take it. All of my other tests I'm not going to do. I'm going to bench press for sure, because receivers don't bench at the Combine.

I also know there a couple of teams that want to come to Ames and interview me before the draft. They'll probably do that on pro timing day. Other than that, I just have to wait for the draft. I've been working out ever since the Missouri game ended and it's really paid off for me. Hopefully I made a good impression on some teams and it will work out on draft day.

CN: What teams have expressed the most interest?

Danielsen: I did interview with the Cincinnati Bengals and the Jacksonville Jaguars are coming up for pro day to interview me. The Detroit Lions really need receivers and have said they liked me. They don't know for sure what they're going to have for second-day draft picks. The Minnesota Vikings have shown some interest and Mike Tice came up to me at the Combine and was real interested. The San Francisco 49ers and Dennis Erickson came up to me on the last day I worked out and told me I did a good job.

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