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"When you hear her, you just know you've got to straighten up or she means what she says. She'll leave, or get on my case the rest of my life. I had to shape up."
Blalock's mother plays vital role in son's life
Des Moines Register

"I think it's a recognition of his commitment to college hockey and his longevity with the program. It's a way for the organization to recognize him."
ISU hockey squad in pursuit of ‘Murdoch Cup'
Des Moines Register

"Oh, gosh. That's something all the guys have dreamed about for the last year. It's something that we've had a vision for the whole season. We've got our sights set high, and we expect to achieve them."
Hockey club hosts ACHA Championship
Ames Tribune

"We've been carefully planning around all those things and there's a couple dates that work, but we just have to get the right match-up."
Cyclones may be traveling for NIT this year
Ames Tribune

"That's our goal. That's what we're focused on right now. No matter what, we'll get to postseason play, which is always good. But I want to go out here on a good note and have a good night."
Sullivan bids adieu to Hilton Coliseum
Omaha World Herald

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