Nationals Next For Carr, Mount Zion

Iowa State's freshmen-to-be are wrapping up their prep seasons. For an update on Mount Zion (N.C.) standout Tasheed Carr, conducted a question-and-answer session with the standout point guard.

CN: Where is your team currently sitting in the postseason?

Tasheed Carr: We just had our homecoming game on Saturday and won it 108-70. I had a triple-double, actually, so I did exceptionally well. I had 25 points, 10 rebounds and 14 assists. I wanted to come out that game and have fun in my last game at home. I really had a great time here with my team, so I wanted to have fun with them one last time at home. We now have a 28-1 record and will go to the national tournament to go to April 1-4 in Philadelphia.

CN: Talk about the season that you had overall.

Carr: I had a great season, but it wasn't only me because our team we had a great season. I really learned a lot and got better at a lot of aspects of my game, particularly shooting. I developed into a better shooter as the year progressed. This was really a fun year, just the experience of being on a team with a lot of guys the same caliber as me. We have a lot of guys going to big-time colleges.

CN: How were you able to keep all of your teammates happy as the point guard?

Carr: It was definitely a challenge. It worked out for the better, though. I had a lot of players on the team to satisfy, being that we had a lot of good players. It was a hard job, but it was possible and I did a great job at it. I tried to get all of my teammates involved and utilized all of our talent. Nevertheless, it was a hard job.

CN: What were your averages for the regular season?

Carr: I averaged 15 points, nine assists and five rebounds.

CN: Do you feel you were able to take your game to another level after a strong summer in 2003?

Carr: Definitely. Competing at a high caliber during the summer definitely helped me step up my game up a notch this season. It prepared me for what I'd be up against, playing against the players I did this year.

CN: Let's move on to next season at Iowa State. Are you thinking much ahead to your college days?

Carr: I'm definitely thinking about college. I'm real excited about moving on to the next level. I have worked hard my whole life and this has been a dream of mine, making it to a high Division I program. I just want to make the best out of it. Nothing is going to be given easy, so I want to work hard this summer. I'll be prepared to come in next season and be an impact on the program with my versatility and motivation. I want to get Iowa State back to where it was in 2000 and 2001 when they were winning Big 12 championships.

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