Iowa State Pro Day Results

The NFL's scouting caravan made a stop on the Iowa State campus today to check out the graduating senior football class, and we were there to watch them as they watched ISU.

Pro scouts from numerous NFL teams were in Ames on Thursday for Iowa State's annual pro day. The scouts spent several hours weighing, measuring and testing former Cyclones in advance of next month's NFL draft.

The event was broken into two sessions. The morning consisted of film breakdown (which we were not allowed to attend), the weigh in, vertical jump test, and bench press. I spotted NFL scouts from  the Titans, Panthers, Packers, Chiefs, Bills, Colts, Dolphins, Bears, Saints, and Jets. One thing you should know is that these scouts don't skip a beat. If your toe is too close to the line on the broad jump, you do it again. If you knock over a cone on the shuttle, tough break. If your elbows don't fully lock on the bench press, it doesn't count. And if you vault yourself forward on the vertical leap, as opposed to jumping straight up and down, it's a scratch. These scouts give no quarter.

Also in attendance were Tyson Smith (whom I was told is weighing 237 pounds but I have to tell you that he seemed very skinny to me), former ISU quarterback Sage Rosenfels (in town for the Iowa Sports Connection Sports Carnival this weekend), and numerous ISU assistant and strength & conditioning coaches.

Here are a few interesting things to note on the weigh in...

1) Starting left tackle Casey Shelton weighed in at just 283 pounds.

2) JaMaine Billups was a very solid 204 pounds.

3) Jordan Carstens, who is still limping somewhat on the sore knee, measured in a 6 feet 5 inches and weighed 305 pounds.

4) Bob Montgomery was 6 feet 3 inches and 305 pounds.

5) Lane Danielsen looked very impressive at 6 feet even and a rock-solid 196 pounds.  

Here are the results I recorded on the vertical leap...

Harold Clewis-35 inches, Lance Young-34.5 inches, Chris Whitaker-32 inches, Jamaul Montgomery-32 inches, JaMaine Billups-31.5 inches, David Banks-Bursey-30 inches, and Bob Montgomery-24 inches.

Here are the results I recorded on the 225-pound bench press...

Shaheed Richardson-28 reps, Bob Montgomery-26 reps, Lane Danielsen-17 reps, Casey Shelton-14 reps, JaMaine Billups-12 reps, David Banks-Bursey-8 reps, Harold Clewis-8 reps, Chris Whitaker-8 reps, and Marc Timmons-6 reps.  

Here are the results I recorded in the broad jump...

Harold Clewis 10'-1", Lance Young 10', JaMaine Billups 9'-8.5", Jamaul Montgomery 9'-5.5", David Banks-Bursey 9'-4", Chris Whitaker 9'-2.5", Casey Shelton 9'-2", Marc Timmons 9', Bob Montgomery 7'-7.5".

Here are the results I recorded in the 40-yard dash (best times)...

Lance Young-4.45, Harold Clewis-4.52, JaMaine Billups-4.55, Jamaul Montgomery-4.59, David Banks-Bursey-4.64, Chris Whitaker-4.72, Matt Word-4.74, Marc Timmons-4.80, Bob Montgomery-5.10, Casey Shelton 5.14.

Now, keep in mind that not everyone did every test. Also, Jordan Carstens and Lane Danielsen were in attendance to be weighed, measured, and talked to, but they didn't actually work out.

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