Iowa State vs. Kansas State Quotebook

Players and coaches from both sides reflect on Thursday afternoon's first Big 12 Tournament game in Dallas.

Wayne Morgan:

"Jake Sullivan's intensity, determination and effort in this game helped us. Jared Homan put forth a tremendous effort on the boards, and everything."

"The road losing streak is only a big deal to the media. They're the only ones that talk about it, we don't. We take it a game at a time, and each time we play we try to play the best we can. That's all you can do. If you walk back in the locker room and everybody can look at each other and know you tried as hard as you could, that's all we can do.

"We had a great chance to win a game in Nebraska, and we should have won the game in Kansas. We'll get to a point in our program where we win road games, and when it comes to a point where we fill up our classes with guys we've recruited, we'll win a lot of those games. I've only been the coach here for a season."

"Will was terrific today. He handled the ball and that enabled Curtis in stretches of the game to play without the ball. Will got the ball to people and made some great passes. He improved his defense and played harder."

Jake Sullivan:

"I really thought we were on a mission today. This whole week will be like this. We were trying to take charges, were on loose balls, and our effort was unbelievable. This was a great team effort. We're on a mission, this is just one game, and we know what we have to do in the next three."

Curtis Stinson:

"At first (my hand) was a problem, but it's OK now. The hand is doing fine. My trainer makes sure I'm all right. It's not affecting me too much anymore. I'm handling it, I'm playing hard, and I don't feel it too much."

Jared Homan:

"It was a great win, we get to keep going on here in Dallas, and have a shot at number one seed Oklahoma State, and keep up our hopes for the NCAA Tournament."

Jim Woolridge:

"I don't know what happened with the second (technical). I don't have any idea. It was probably the result of the scrum. As far as mine, I can't remember what I was upset about. It was probably a short fuse on my part and a short fuse on Curtis Shaw's part. They make mistakes, too. I made one and he made one. That's the way I see it."

"It worked and took us out of a rhythm and a flow. We had trouble with it."

"(Stinson's) a great player. I've sung his praises all year long. The first time I saw him on film, I thought he had some innate abilities to play this game. I am even more convinced of it now. He's obviously a great freshman, but is going to be one of those real special players in this league."

Jarrett Hart:

"We needed to control the things we could control. Rebounding, transition, second-chance points – they got those – and those are all hustle stats. You look at theirs compared to ours, and that's a big part of the game."

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