ISU vs. OSU Quotebook

<b>Dallas, TX --</b> Players and coaches from both sides reflect on Friday afternoon's first quarterfinal Big 12 Tournament game in Dallas.

Wayne Morgan:

"I'm extremely proud of the effort my team put forth, and the growth it's shown this year. It not only benefited every single player, but it benefited our program. Our kids in this tournament played as hard as they could, and tried as hard as they could. Oklahoma State played a good game tonight."

"They did a good job. That's all I'll say, because I'd have to go into an area I could get fined for and I don't want to get fined. You can figure that out."

"We felt that they couldn't stop us in transition when we ran, and most of the success that we had offensively is when we ran. But you have to play good enough defense to make them miss for you to get the rebound, so that you can run. When we were able to put together some consecutive stops and come back and score, we were able to cut the lead.

"But you have to give them credit, because when we did tie it up at 59 they made some big shots from a distance. They made some shots with us on them. That's what being a champion is all about. They made some hard shots."

"We played those two defenses all year. Most of the first half we played a 2-3 defense, then in the second half we went to our matchup. They were scoring against us when the first half started, but as the second half progressed we kept making changes and adjustments to make it better. A couple of things we did really frustrated them."

Curtis Stinson:

"They played very aggressive, and tried to grab on to me to get me frustrated. By them grabbing me and hitting my hand, it did get me a little frustrated in the first half. But I had to keep my composure, went to the sideline and let my teammates do it."

"They played wonderful and I'm really proud of them. They played as hard as they could, did whatever they could, but Oklahoma State made that extra run at the end, and we had to get our wind back."

Jake Sullivan:

"Their athletic ability is tough, but that didn't give us the biggest problems. They executed extremely well on offense, and got out on transition early because we turned the ball over. When you do that, they get transition points and dunks. They played a great game and came out on top."

"We're going out there to win the NIT. We're going to work hard this week."

"It was a pretty evenly played game from that point. They got a five-point lead and that's really where it stayed the rest of the game. Lucas hit two big shots for them with a hand in his face. They got a couple of breaks like that and won the game, but it was really a fight all the way to the end."

"We came in expecting to win this game. We weren't expecting to lose, so we knew we could play with them. They made a couple big baskets after we tied the game, which was huge."

"It was a great shot. I got a lot of good shots and made a lot of shots, but that one didn't go in. It was right there. I couldn't have shot it any better. It felt good, but rolled in and out. There's nothing I can do about it. It's just one shot and I hit a lot throughout the game. Those are the breaks. But we were extremely happy (to be in it). It was everything we'd asked for, but just hoped we could win it."

"They were going to me and I had it going in the second half with jump shots and plays. That was what got us back in the game. Jackson had a huge second half, too. We did what we wanted to do. We're all Division I players, they had four fouls and probably were not going to foul again."

Eddie Sutton:

"I thought (Daniel) Bobik did a really good job on Sullivan. Sullivan is a really good basketball player and a great shooter. I thought in the first half, Daniel did a really good job. You have to give Sullivan credit. They ran some screens and he broke off of them and hit some big shots."

John Lucas:

"They can't just key on one person. It's not like we have one person who can just go out and that's the only person that can do it. We have two, three, even four so it makes it hard for the defense to just stop one because then we have more options."

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