ISU, Iowa Pursue 8-Man Standout

Cyclone coaches obviously like what they see on tape from an eight-man football standout in the state of Iowa, and they'll likely see for themselves in a few months when Aurelia two-way player Matt Berg heads to Ames for padded camp.

The 6-foot-4, 235-pound defensive end/tight end already has attracted attention from ISU, Iowa and Kansas State, but it's become pretty clear that he'd like to pick one of the two Division I instate programs.

"It's Iowa, Iowa State and Kansas State now, but things are just getting started," said Aurelia head coach Myron Radke. "Those are the schools that have wanted film and making regular contact through the mail. He wants to play at as high a level as he can, and find a school he likes. It will be a matter of finding the right school, coaching staff and right fit for him.

"He could go either way with Iowa or Iowa State, and that's probably because we're all from Iowa and everybody in Aurelia is either an Iowa or Iowa State fan. That's all he's ever heard. Those are the two he would definitely be looking at the most."

Matt Berg will likely play defensive end at the next level, where he led his team in sacks as a junior in 2003 and finished with 60 tackles. According to his coach, Berg has excelled with the ability to overpower opponents and will need to continue sharpening his technique between now and September.

"He's probably the best football player I've ever coached, and is very aggressive," Radke said. "We used him as a rush end and he came hard and got a multitude of sacks. He pretty much goes through people, but can go around them when he's playing defense. He's got a decent swim move and does a few other things pretty well.

"He's blessed with all the tools, but needs to improve on his footwork. That would probably be the biggest thing. At our level he can just maul people and can run through them, but he needs to still improve his footwork and technique."

Berg recently traveled to Ames for ‘Junior Day' and was pleased with what the Cyclones had to offer, said Radke.

"He went down there and was really impressed," his coach said. "He really liked the coaching staff and how he was treated. He couldn't believe the locker rooms and how great the facilities were."

College coaches also like Berg's potential to grow into a role on the interior line.

"If he puts on a lot of weight he could probably go down on the line," Radke said. " He's got that big lanky frame, and can still fill out. You give him three or four years and he'll be a man."

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