Photo Gallery: Spring FB Practice Day 1

Iowa State football held their first day of Spring Practice in the new Bergstrom Indoor Training Facility. View a photo gallery from Day 1 in the new venue.

The new indoor facility as seen from Beach Avenue. (Photo/CI Steve)

There is still some work to be completed on the roof of the new indoor facility. (Photo/CI Steve)

ISU President Greg Geoffroy (in suit) strolls into the new practice facility to check it out. (Photo/CI Steve)

If you venture inside the new facility, be sure to heed this warning. (Photo/CI Steve)

The massive south wall of the indoor facility dwarfs coach John Skladany as he works out the inside linebackers. (Photo/CI Steve)

When Tyson Smith (#1) was a freshman, the indoor facility was only a wish - now it's a reality and Smith is still around to enjoy it. (Photo/CI Steve)

The clear span inside of the facility allows for punting and place kicking. (Photo/CI Steve)

Note the innovative indirect sidewall lighting, provided by Musco Lighting Co. (Photo/CI Steve)

No more running into columns as happened in the Rec Center. The new facility boasts a 75 yard clear width. (Photo/CI Steve)

Head trainer Mark Coberley (walking in photo) believes the new turf minimizes the possibility of injuries. (Photo/CI Steve)

The word "Cyclones" is boldly emblazoned in the cardinal colored end zone. (Photo/CI Steve)

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