Spring Practice Eight Q&A

CycloneNation.com caught up with Iowa State head coach Dan McCarney following practice number eight for a few comments on his team's workouts on Monday and Saturday. Here is a transcription of that interview.

On Monday's practice:

"We got a lot of corrections made from the scrimmage Saturday. We got some installation with two-minute and a few new things on both sides of the ball. Then we just made it real competitive. It's nice to be out here in the stadium for the first time this spring, getting these young guys that have never played before in Jack Trice Stadium."

"We'll get another scrimmage on Wednesday, with a half practice and half scrimmage. Each day we're getting closer to finalizing some decisions on some things. With some positions we're going to need all of spring. This isn't the Northern Iowa depth chart that we'll be releasing (Tuesday). I'm going to grade tonight's practice and everything will be finalized. We'll announce another depth chart a week from tomorrow, then have another post-spring game one."

On final impressions of Saturday's scrimmage:

"Defensively, we did a lot of good things. Anytime you can force some turnovers early in a scrimmage, it sets the tempo for your defense. From an offensive standpoint it was a poor start, but I didn't see any quit in them. They came back, made some plays, and did some things. We had fewer mental errors than we did in the previous Wednesday's scrimmage. With each day that goes by we know more and more about our football team, and each individual player."

On offense after Saturday's bad start:

"They did some good things. They weren't all that bad on Saturday, but got off to a bad start then did some good things. It's give and take when it's best against best. We'll know a lot more about our team doing it this way. There are winners and losers on every play."

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