Coaching Clinic Gallery 2

Iowa State football hosted its annual High School Coaches Clinic over the weekend. View the second in a series of photo galleries from the event as the football team practices in front of hundreds of assembled coaches.

New offensive coordinator and line coach Barney Cotten explains o-line drills. (Photo/CI Steve)

ISU head coach Dan McCarney chats with one of the high school coaches in attendance at the clinic. (Photo/CI Steve)

ISU head coach Dan McCarney watches Barney Cotten put the offensive linemen through their drills. (Photo/CI Steve)

Wide receivers coach Mike Grant works with receivers Jon Davis (81), Brett Jarvis (88), Todd Blythe (1), Milan Moses (32), and Todd Miller (5). (Photo/CI Steve)

Tight ends coach Terry Allen watches as offensive line coach Barney Cotten explains technique drills to the high school coaches at the clinic. (Photo/CI Steve)

Running backs coach Tony Alford explains technique as he demonstrates with Stevie Hicks (27). Backs Ryan Kock (31), Jason Scales (6), and David Brown (33) look on. (Photo/CI Steve)

Ever wonder what former cornerback Harold Clewis looks like without cornrows? Here he shows off his new due as he checks out practice. Clewis is finishing up school and working out in hopes of a shot with the pros. He's been in contact with several NFL teams. (Photo/CI Steve)

ISU's Harold Clewis has finished his eligibility, but he still enjoys watching his old teammates run through their drills. (Photo/CI Steve)

Check back later to view more photo galleries from the coaching clinic.

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