Hicks Talks Spring Football

While he returns as Iowa State's starting tailback this season, third-year sophomore Stevie Hicks knows his job is anything but secure. Five new tailbacks signed in the Class of 2004, and Hicks knows he must again prove himself this spring and again in the fall. CycloneNation.com recently caught up with Hicks for a question-and-answer session.

CN: What are some of your early impressions of freshman Jason Scales?

Stevie Hicks: He's really mature and picks things up once we put them in there. He's a real mature player. I'm feeling competition from he and Brian Thompson. It's made me work harder. (The incoming freshman class) makes you work harder in the weight room, during practice, and in the training room, because you don't want young guys coming in (and taking your job).

CN: What about offensive coordinator Barney Cotton?

Hicks: He is a ‘you've got to give it your all' type of guy. You can't take plays off, and you have to go full speed all the time. All he has to do is yell and he gets your attention.

CN: You closed out 2003 by building some momentum as Iowa State's starter. How much is that going to help you this year?

Hicks: At the end of the season I started to pick it up a little bit and got healthier. That's just going to carry over to next season. But staying in there (early in the season) helped me be able to play through pain. Now I know how to do that. When you get little nicks or get injured, playing through that last year will help me do that right now. When I get a shoulder or something like that, it doesn't effect you as much.

CN: Tell us about some of the challenges this new offense presents.

Hicks: There is a lot more different steps in the running game. Usually we just had a couple of steps, but now we have about four or five different steps that we take to get to the certain holes that we need to get to. A lot has changed from the last offense to this one. You're going to see a different look to the offense. It kind of reminds me of the Colorado offense of a couple of years ago.

I wouldn't say anything's too hard to adjust to. I think we have a lot more versatility now, because we're able to do different steps to get to the holes we need to.

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