Spring Practice Eleven Q&A

CycloneNation.com caught up with Dan McCarney following his team's latest spring practice. Here is a question-and-answer session with Iowa State's head coach.

CN: How about starting with some comments on today's practice?

McCarney: We spent some time making corrections from the Wednesday's scrimmage, then we just went back to the basics without putting a bunch of new stuff in. We got some good fundamental individual work, inside, seven-on-seven, and a good segment of kicking on some return things. Then we got into some special situations, like third-and-real long, third-and-12, third-and-15. It comes up in games and happens, so let's practice it. We moved the chains for about a half-hour, and it was a real spirited workout.

I didn't want to go real long today. We're hopefully going to get around a hundred play scrimmage tomorrow morning, and I wanted to get them off their feet and get a good night's rest leading up to tomorrow.

CN: After getting the opportunity to evaluate Wednesday's film, give us some final impressions and some players who stood out on tape.

McCarney: We made more plays offensively, and that was good to see. The intensity, execution and playmaking by the offense was the best it's been this spring. The lack of fundamentals and focus on some assignments defensively really cost us.

Both the top two quarterbacks did some good things. Jon Davis made some good catches and it was nice to see him come back and improve this past scrimmage. We weren't anything real flashy or fancy offensively, but I liked the physical and intensity we improved over last scrimmage. There weren't any special performances out there defensively. We started slow and finished slow.

CN: Has the depth chart at quarterback remained the same?

McCarney: Yes. Bret Meyer is still number one going into Saturday and coming out of Wednesday's scrimmage and tonight's practice. It's still a slight edge, because Austin Flynn is battling and doing some real good things. Going into tomorrow we've got a full scrimmage and a half scrimmage Monday, then one last padded practice on Wednesday. Their opportunities are few and far between. Tomorrow is going to be an important one for everyone.

CN: Did Todd Blythe and Jason Scales practice today?

McCarney: Yes. Blythe will definitely scrimmage tomorrow and Scales is still questionable. We limited him tonight with a bruised shoulder. We're going to take a look at him again in the morning. I'm not going to take chances. If he can't get full range of motion with his arm over his shoulder, I'm not going to scrimmage him. Blythe looked good tonight and will definitely be ready in the morning.

CN: Were you able to clean up some mishaps in the secondary from Wednesday?

McCarney: Yes. It was more fundamentals, initial steps and misreads on some things. I think we cleaned some of those things up. But they're going to get a real test tomorrow. I'm going to go about 10 different sets and we'll get a lot of different situations in tomorrow. When we finish that scrimmage tomorrow, hopefully we'll have a better football team than when we started.

CN: Have Matthew Robertson and Jamarr Buchanan continued to push your starting inside linebackers Brandon Brown and Tyson Smith?

McCarney: They have. Brandon and Tyson will go into tomorrow as ones, but they'd better have a real good scrimmage because those other two kids are really coming on. Brandon and Tyson might be a little better athletically, but those other two kids are so tough, hard-nosed, and want to play so bad that they've turned into a closer battle than I thought it would be.

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