Can You Make Improvements to This List?

In my last column, I brought up the idea of starting a Cyclone Hall of Fame and I asked readers for nominations. So far, there has been a very good response to this idea…with several outstanding candidates worthy of debate.

Feel free to send me an e-mail at to make your own additions to the list of nominees. I'll give you a few more days to respond and I'll put together the final list of candidates shortly thereafter.

Then, I'll get my "panel of experts" together and put each category to a vote.

Here is the list of those who have been nominated so far, followed by some of the comments I've received from readers…


2000 Iowa State men's basketball team that finished 32-5.
1989 ISU men's cross country team (national champions).
2000 Cyclone football team that won the Bowl over Pittsburgh.
1969 Iowa State wrestling team that was national champs.
1987 Cyclone wrestling team that won the national title.
1976 ISU football team.
2002 Iowa State football team that beat Iowa AND Nebraska…and earned a Top 10 national ranking at one point.
2001 Cyclone men's basketball team that won its second consecutive Big 12 championship.
2004 ISU men's basketball team.


Fred Hoiberg
Gary Thompson
Cael Sanderson
Dan Gable
Chris Taylor
Loren Meyer
Jamaal Tinsley
Marcus Fizer
Barry Stevens
Jeff Grayer
Dexter Green
Mike Stensrud
Troy Davis
Darren Davis
Sage Rosenfels
Blaise Bryant
Seneca Wallace
Jeff Hornacek
Stacy Frese
Megan Taylor
Angie Welle
George Amundson
Nate Carr
Larry Hayes
Danny Harris
Edith Nakiyingi
Debbie Esser
Lane Danielson
Ennis Haywood
Tracey Henderson
Jake Sullivan


Larry Eustachy
Bill Fennelly
Johnny Orr
Tim Floyd
Earle Bruce
Harold Nichols
Bill Bergen


Gary Thompson
Pete Taylor
John Walters


The drubbing of UCLA in the Sweet 16 in 2000.
Beating Kansas in the Big 8 Tournament title game in 1996 under Tim Floyd when Jacy Holloway nailed a late three-pointer.
Beating the Jayhawks at Kansas in 2001 when Tinsley and Horton were seniors…and Sullivan was a freshman.
ISU women win Big 12 Tourney in 2000 by defeating Texas.
ISU men win the Big 12 Tourney in 2000 by beating Oklahoma.
The 37-29 Cyclone victory over Pitt in the 2000 Bowl.
Iowa State vs. Florida State in 2002 college football season.
The Cyclones' comeback victory in Iowa City in 2002.
ISU's 19-10 victory over seventh-rated Nebraska in 2002.
Iowa State vs. Iowa in 1998 football season.
The Cyclones' victory over Iowa at Hilton Coliseum in 2004.


Lafester Rhodes for his 54 points against Iowa in 1987
Marv Seiler…the QB who led ISU to football victory over Nebraska in 1992
Former ISU Athletic Director Gene Smith, who hired McCarney, Fennelly and Eustachy.
Seneca Wallace's run against Texas Tech on national TV. It was one of ESPN's "Plays of the Year."
Dave Osenbaugh, for pinning Lou Banach of Iowa when Iowa State beat the Hawks in 1981.
Seneca Wallace's (almost) game-tying run against Florida State in 2002.


Comments from readers…

Jared J: Marty, Great Idea! Here are my thoughts. Teams: Has to be the NCAA Elite 8 & Big 12 Conference & Tournament Champs of 1999-00. 32-5 record, and losing to Michigan St on basically their Homecourt in the state of Michigan. Every ISU fan knows this team would have won the National Title too, if the game was played @ a site in the state of Iowa. And one thing to remember, this team wasn't that deep. Sure they had Fizer and Tinsley, but we only really played 7 players. Fizer, Tinsley, Horton, Nurse, Shirley, Rancik, S. Johnson.

Athlete: To me this one is tough. You could go alot of different ways, names like Thompson, Grayer, Hornacek, Fizer, Tinsley, Hoiberg, T.Davis, Seneca Wallace, Stacey Frees, Megan Taylor, Angie Welle. But none of them have had more sucess in college athletics then Cael Sanderson. All you have to see in bold print is 159-0!!!

Coaches: Johnny Orr is close to being named by me but I'm going w/Coach Eustachy. 2 Big 12 Titles. Until someone wins more I still say he was our best coach.

Broadcaster: I'm going with the obvious choice here. Pete Taylor. I spent too many Saturdays listening to Pete call the football games, in our John Deere tractor not to nominate him.

All time Games: 2 games in less than 24 hours. Best weekend for Cyclone basketball. Kansas City, MO

March 11,2000, ISU women win the Big 12 Tournament over Texas.
March 12,2000, ISU Men win the Big 12 Tournamnet over Oklahoma.

ISU Fans were everywhere that weekend and basically took over KC. Those were my All Time Games, plus I was there to witness them.

Joel L.: Favorite player: Dexter Green--we could always count on him to get the job done.

Favorite Coach: Earle Bruce--he was one of the two most fundamentally sound coaches I've been around. Another was Bob Devaney at Nebraska (I grew up in NE during the Devaney heyday). Bruce was not especially a media favorite, or even a fan favorite, but he succeeded in carrying on what Johnny Majors started and even surpassed it, with back to back wins over Nebraska.

Favorite team: Mac's team that won the bowl game in Phoenix, with Sage Rosenfels as quarterback. The fact that this team went on to actually win a bowl game and end the season on a very positive note makes it my favorite. This team did not have any real star player--like a Dexter Green or Troy Davis--but it functioned better as a team, especially at the end of the season, than any other.

Jon G.: Best Athlete: No contest. George Amundson (1969-73). He came out of high school where he had set the high school world record for the discus. At ISU, he was a football and track athlete, although he gave up track to concentrate on football. He played both quarterback and tailback. His senior year, he beat out the Heisman Trophy winner -- Johnny Rogers of Nebraska -- as the Best Offensive Player in the Big 8 Conference!!! All American selection. Went on to play for the Houston Oilers of the NFL. Excellent student, model citizen for young people, and well regarded by ISU students and faculty alike.

RWW: Teams: Iowa State Football 2000: First bowl win, nine win season, beat Colorado and Iowa. Iowa State Football 2002: Okay, so we only went 7-7 that year. However, I've been saying it all the time ever since: how many times are you gonna see Iowa State nearly upset a top five team (Florida State), beat Iowa AND Nebraska, reach a top ten ranking, have the top player in the country for half a season, have national play of the week (ESPN Number Two Play of The Year), AND a Heisman Trophy candidate all in one season? Not often, if ever.

Iowa State Basketball 1999 - 2000: We were picked to finish... ninth in the Big XII? Or was it tenth? Either way, we proved them all wrong, by putting up over 30 wins, an Elite Eight appearance, Number 3 finish, two All- Americans (Fizer and Tinsley), Big XII Title and Big XII Tourney Title.

Coaches: Johhny Orr, Dan McCarney, Tim Floyd, Larry Eustachy.

Players: Seneca Wallace, Lane Danielsen, Troy Davis, Darren Davis, Ennis Haywood, Tracy Hendersen, Cael Sanderson, Dan Gable, Jeff Hornacek, Jake Sullivan, Jamaal Tinsley, Marcuz Fizer, Fred Hoiberg, Jeff Grayer.

Games: Iowa State vs Florida State 2002 Football Season, Iowa State vs Iowa 2002 Football Season, Iowa State vs Nebraska 1992 Football Season, Iowa State vs Iowa 1998 Football Season, The ENTIRE 1999 - 2000 Basketball Season (save for that damn Michigan State game. That was rigged in MSU's favor by the refs), Iowa State vs Iowa 2003 - 2004 Basketball Season.

At-Large Bids: Seneca's game-tying run against FSU in the Eddie Robinson Classic. Only the ref's didn't call him in....; Marv Seiler's run in the final minutes against Nebraska in 1992; Cael Sanderson's Final Match, solidifying him as the greatest ever; Seneca's Play of The Year run against Texas Tech 2002 Football season.

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