Last Call for Hall of Fame Nominations

Thank you very much for the terrific response of nominations for the Cyclone Hall of Fame. I've listed all of the nominations that I've received below, plus a handful of comments I've received from readers. In a few days, I will begin putting the categories up to a vote by a special "panel of experts." It should make for a lot of interesting debate and plenty of fun. And hopefully, it's brought back some great memories for everybody.

If you have any improvements or additions you want to make to the current list of nominees, send me an e-mail right away at

Here are the nominees…


2000 Iowa State men's basketball team that finished 32-5.
1989 ISU men's cross country team (national champions).
2000 Cyclone football team that won the Bowl over Pittsburgh.
1969 Iowa State wrestling team that was national champs.
1987 Cyclone wrestling team that won the national title.
1976 ISU football team.
2002 Iowa State football team that beat Iowa AND Nebraska…and earned a Top 10 national ranking at one point.
2001 Cyclone men's basketball team that won its second consecutive Big 12 championship.
2004 ISU men's basketball team.


Fred Hoiberg
Gary Thompson
Cael Sanderson
Dan Gable
Chris Taylor
Loren Meyer
Jamaal Tinsley
Marcus Fizer
Barry Stevens
Jeff Grayer
Dexter Green
Mike Stensrud
Troy Davis
Darren Davis
Sage Rosenfels
Blaise Bryant
Seneca Wallace
Jeff Hornacek
Stacy Frese
Megan Taylor
Angie Welle
George Amundson
Nate Carr
Larry Hayes
Danny Harris
Edith Nakiyingi
Debbie Esser
Lane Danielson
Ennis Haywood
Tracey Henderson
Jake Sullivan
Matt Blair
Wayne Stanley
Buddy Hardeman
Luther Blue
Chris Boskey
Tom Randall
Karl Nelson
Keith Simms
Mike Busch
Don Smith
Al Budolfson
Dwight Nichols
Dave Hoppmann
Tom Vaughn
Tom Watkins
Dwayne Crutchfield
Keith Krepfle
Jim Doran
Vinnie Brewer
Tom Peckham
Don Buzzard
Bob Buzzard
Hercle Ivy
Polly Wallace
Sunday Uti
Alex Espinosa
Barry Hill
Big Daddy Hunt
Bill Caine


Larry Eustachy
Bill Fennelly
Johnny Orr
Tim Floyd
Earle Bruce
Harold Nichols
Bill Bergen
Dan McCarney
Johnny Majors
Louis Menze
Cap Timm
Ed Gagnier


Gary Thompson
Pete Taylor
John Walters
Eric Heft


The drubbing of UCLA in the Sweet 16 in 2000.
Beating Kansas in the Big 8 Tournament title game in 1996 under Tim Floyd when Jacy Holloway nailed a late three-pointer.
Beating the Jayhawks at Kansas in 2001 when Tinsley and Horton were seniors…and Sullivan was a freshman.
ISU women win Big 12 Tourney in 2000 by defeating Texas.
ISU men win the Big 12 Tourney in 2000 by beating Oklahoma.
The 37-29 Cyclone victory over Pitt in the 2000 Bowl.
Iowa State vs. Florida State in 2002 college football season.
The Cyclones' comeback victory in Iowa City in 2002.
Iowa State's comeback victory against Oklahoma State—led by Justus Thigpen and Fred Hoiberg—at Hilton Coliseum in 1992.
ISU's 19-10 victory over seventh-rated Nebraska in 2002.
Iowa State vs. Iowa in 1998 football season.
The Cyclones' victory over Iowa at Hilton Coliseum in 2004.
ISU's 80-78 victory over Minnesota in men's basketball in 1982.


Lafester Rhodes for his 54 points against Iowa in 1987
Marv Seiler…the QB who led ISU to football victory over Nebraska in 1992
Former ISU Athletic Director Gene Smith, who hired McCarney, Fennelly and Eustachy.
Seneca Wallace's run against Texas Tech on national TV. It was one of ESPN's "Plays of the Year."
Dave Osenbaugh, for pinning Lou Banach of Iowa when Iowa State beat the Hawks in 1981.
Seneca Wallace's (almost) game-tying run against Florida State in 2002.
The Bergstroms for donating toward the Indoor Practice Facility.
Richard Jacobson.
Marcus Fizer's dunk over Chris Mihm of Texas.
Iowa State's offensive line in 1995 and 1996 that opened holes for Troy Davis to become the first two-time 2,000-yard rusher in NCAA Division 1 history.


Comments from readers…

FRED Y: …I think I am going to with you for this one Fred Hoiberg he having a pretty good year in the NBA right now. I have to say this one for my second pick Troy Davis he broke the 2000 yard rushing mark. The first Haft back to do that in NCAA football. Here are my other picks 3.Cael Sanderson 4. Jammal Tinsely 5.Gary Thompson 6.Marcus Fizer 7.Sage Rosenfels 8.Darren Davis 9.Jeff Hornacek 10.Chris Taylor…Broadcaster: this one I going to give to Pete Taylor. Then I really like John Walters he gets really into the game. I just like how he Broadcast. I hope he will stay at Iowa State…

BRIAN M.: …Eric Heft deserves nomination…The Bergstrom's for donating toward the IPF…that should help recruiting immensely…

JIM B.: wow Matt Blair has to be close to the top of the list for football players. He was definitely the most successful NFL player to call ISU his alma mater…

Jim D.: Good Lord, are there no old-timers around? Just off the top of my head, how about Don Smith, Al

Budolfson, Dwight Nichols, Dave Hoppmann, Tom Vaughn, Tom Watkins, Dwayne Crutchfield, Keith Krepfle, Jim

Doran, Matt Blair, Luther Blue, Vinnie Brewer, Tom Peckham, Don & Bob Buzzard…

CK: Marty, I think a group that has to be listed is the O-line when Troy was running all over everyone…described by preseason magazines as a "wreck" they certainly proved everyone wrong…

DAVE R.: …I think we need to add Hercle Ivy to the list. The guy was a gunner, but he could score…I would suggest Men's Gymnastics coach Ed Gagnier. In their best times – Iowa State was pretty strong in that sport nationally…

JERRY N.: How about Eric Heft in the media category? He's been doing a great job for years...

BLT: …Barry Stevens: I watched him the first two years that I was in school, the right handed shot with the left hand dunk. I don't know if I ever saw a better streak shooter than Stevens…Not too many people will remember this game: ISU vs. Minnesota in 1982. The Gophers came in a top 20 team. The Cyclones were down by six points with 40 seconds left, but they came back and tied the game and won it in overtime 80-78. I believe that it was a significant win that put the Cyclones on the map and started them on the way to their success later in the 80s…

NELSON K.: …Polly Wallace, 1922; 1920 No. 1 center position on the all-America selected by the late Walter Eckersall for the Chicago Tribune, Undefeated Wrestler…Sunday Uti – the third Iowa State student-athlete to compete in three different Olympic Games, Uti finished second in the 400 meters at the 1983 indoor and outdoor NCAA track championships and the 1984 NCAA indoor and 1985 NCAA outdoor meets…

ANDREW J.: …At-Large Bids: …Let's start with LaFester Rhodes…Fes as we called him was a good player…He had one great game that made him a legend. If you were to introduce Marcus Fizer, Jamal Tinsley and Lafester Rhodes at halftime of a gae… Fes might just get the loudest ovation because of 1 game… I think we should rename the day we play Iowa every year to Lafester Rhodes day…

A99C: As far as games goes the game Mrs. Hoiberg mentions is my favorite Hilton Magic Moment. It should easily be on the list. That Okie State team was highly ranked if my memory serves me right.

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