Cooper Making Stop in Ames

Always in the market for quality offensive linemen to improve a unit that was lacking last season, Iowa State will be hosting a Colorado high schooler who is getting plenty of attention from Division I programs next week in padded camp.

Fort Collins' Jon Cooper is approaching double digits in scholarship offers, yet he has only two stops at padded camps planned – ISU and Iowa. Could that make a difference when the 6-foot-3, 275-pounder makes a commitment? That's anyone's guess right now.

"Just because I'm attending their camp doesn't mean they're a favorite right now," said Cooper, an all-conference player and the offensive lineman of the year in the Front Range Conference. "I don't have any favorites and am still wide open. I'm up to nine scholarship offers right now. I have Iowa State, Iowa, Oklahoma State, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Colorado State, Wyoming, Missouri and Cal."

However, Cooper's time in Ames can only help the Cyclones' cause. The Colorado prep also can't wait to work with offensive line coach Barney Cotton. Area recruiter Tony Alford has built quite a rapport with Cooper.

"Mainly I'm looking forward to strapping on the pads and hitting people," Cooper said. "I think I can learn a lot from Coach Cotton at Iowa State. I think he's got a lot to teach and I'm going to like learning from him. It sounds like he's a real nice guy and knows what he's talking about.

"I think Coach Alford is a great guy and I really like him. As a person he's straightforward and will tell you everything straight up, whether you want to hear it or not. That's what I really like about him."

Although Cooper also has played defensive line, he'll likely focus on offense during his two-day stay at ISU. He projects as a center or guard in college, but has played offensive tackle in high school.

Asked to describe his playing style, Cooper had this to say: "I go 110 percent every play and don't take any play off, and I don't screw up assignments very often. I love to hit people and play with a lot of intensity. I don't just block one person every play, I block two or three."

Before traveling to ISU and Iowa, he will attend a camp at Chadron State (Neb.) with his team.

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