Top Game Selected for Hall of Fame

The first game inducted into the Cyclone Hall of Fame was a contest that NOBODY outside of Ames thought Iowa State had any chance to win:

ISU 19, Nebraska 10 on November 14, 1992.

This was a close race, with several games deserving of mention. In fact, six different games received first-place votes from our "panel of experts." However, the one game named on almost every ballot was the upset of the Cornhuskers back in 1992. The nominations for the Cyclone Hall of Fame were submitted by Cyclone readers.

Here are my thoughts and some of the comments made by voters regarding the 19-10 victory over Nebraska:

Seventh-ranked Nebraska came to Ames on the heels of dominating victories over # 8 Colorado and # 13 Kansas. The Cyclones were 1-4 in the conference at the time and came into the game as 29-point underdogs (which was probably kind).

But, the Cyclones had the ultimate "secret weapon" in Marv Seiler. The ISU quarterback ran for 144 yards on 24 carries, including one 78-yard gallop.

And the crowd of 42,008 witnessed one of the greatest victories in Cyclone history that day. In fact, it was one of the biggest upsets in college football in the 1990s.

It was the only loss in Tom Osborne's career to a team that finished the season with a losing record. The Huskers didn't lose another regular-season conference game for another six seasons.

Seiler ran the option all day long, confounding the Nebraska defense, as ISU had 70 rushing attempts for 373 yards. "Marvelous Marv" only threw four passes, completing three of them for 26 yards.

One of my buddies is a HUUUGE Nebraska fan and prior to November 14, 1992, he used to say matter-of-factly "never in my lifetime" when we discussed ISU football. As in, the Cyclones will "never in my lifetime" defeat his beloved Cornhuskers.

The Cyclones enjoyed a tremendous upset on that November day in 1992… and Husker fans have had to tone down their act considerably around the ISU faithful ever since. Unless they want to hear the two words that makes them crumble… "Marv Seiler."

Comments from other voters:

"Probably still the all-time Cyclone football upset."

"It was just SO unexpected. Earlier in the week, Bob Devaney had compared this NU team to the best of all time, only to see Marv Seiler and Iowa State take them apart."

"ISU just out-slowed 'em. Look at the film…they kept tackling in front of Marv and he just stepped over 'em."


Breakdown of the voting…

Each member of the panel voted for three games (1st gets 3 points, 2nd gets 2 points, 3rd gets 1 point). The panel includes some very knowledgeable sports personalities…

Steve Deace … Popular radio personality on KXNO and Publisher of Cyclone and "CN" magazine.
Bob Helmers … Producer/Director for ESPN and ESPN+Plus.
B.J. Schaben … Sports Director, Iowa Radio Network.
John Walters … Sports Director at WOI-TV and play-by-play voice of the Cyclones.
Marty Gallagher … Me.

Total points:

ISU's 19-10 victory over seventh-rated Nebraska in 1992. (10)
The drubbing of UCLA in the Sweet 16 in 2000. (8)
ISU 102, Iowa 100 in overtime in December 1987. (8)
The 37-29 victory over Pitt in the 2000 Bowl. (6)
The comeback victory over Iowa in the 2002 football season. (4)
ISU 27, Iowa 9 in football in 1998. (3)
Beating Kansas in the Big 8 Tournament title game in 1996. (3)
ISU's comeback against Okie State at Hilton in 1992. (3)
The victory over Michigan in the 1986 NCAA Tourney. (3)
ISU's Big 12 Tourney title game victory over Oklahoma in 2000. (1)

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