Summer Football Camp Photo Gallery Part IV

View the fourth installment of a series of photo galleries from Iowa State summer football camps. The camps drew hundreds of high school football players from not only Iowa but numerous other states.

Fort Collins (Colo.) offensive lineman Jon Cooper. (Photo/CI Steve)

A. J. Haase gives an interview. (Photo/CI Steve)

Haase. (Photo/CI Steve)

West Des Moines Dowling tight end Trent Flander. (Photo/CI Steve)

Haase and Flander. (Photo/CI Steve)

Derrick Catlett and Cooper. (Photo/CI Steve)

Defensive linemen participate in drills. (Photo/CI Steve)

Defensive linemen receive some instruction. (Photo/CI Steve)

Offensive coordinator/line coach Barney Cotten works with campers. (Photo/CI Steve)

Arrowhead (Wisc.) offensive lineman Jason Fiacco and ??? (Photo/CI Steve)

Fiacco. (Photo/CI Steve)

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