Marsden NIKE Camp Q&A caught up with Iowa State commitment Ross Marsden for a Q&A after his recent effort at the NIKE Camp in Indianapolis earned him mention as one of the top 50 players in attendance.

CN: Start by talking about your experience last week in Indianapolis.

Ross Marsden: It was a great opportunity to go to this camp. It had a lot of excellent competition. With already being committed to Iowa State, it was just an opportunity to go have some fun. That's what I did. It was a great time.

CN: What were some of the positives you displayed in your game?

Marsden: I played pretty well defensively. I could have done more on the offensive end of the floor, but I'd say my defense was pretty good and I ran the floor pretty well.

CN: Tell us about your thoughts when you found out HoopScoop had named you as one of the top 50 players in attendance.

Marsden: It's a great honor and a great thing to happen to me.

CN: How did the step up in competition help you?

Marsden: It got me a lot better. I learned what I needed to do to play with those guys. It put everything in perspective and let me know what I needed to do to improve. I'd like to improve my strength so that I can bang around with the big guys down low.

CN: Did you get the chance to visit with any Iowa State coaches?

Marsden: I talked to Coach Archibald and Coach Morgan the last day. They liked the way I played and said I had some real solid games. They were excited and ready for me to come to Iowa State.

CN: What positions were you utilized at in the camp?

Marsden: I mostly played the four and five, which was great because it gave me an opportunity to post down low but also step out and hit a shot. It was a good opportunity to play both.

CN: What were your averages and best games in Indianapolis?

Marsden: I think I averaged around five points a game, and my best game was 10 points. I rebounded the ball very well, but I can't remember the exact numbers.

CN: Have any other programs tried to start recruiting you since your commitment and solid performance at the NIKE Camp?

Marsden: As of now nobody has tried to contact me, and if they did I would tell them that I'm going to Iowa State. Right now I'm happy with that decision and that's where I want to go.

CN: What's next for you on the summer circuit?

Marsden: I'm playing with the Martin Brothers AAU team and we're going to the Jerry Mullins Tournament in Kansas City. Then we're leaving there to go to the Orlando Showcase and 17-and-under Nationals in Orlando.

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