Summer Workouts Photo Gallery Part I

View the first in a series of photo galleries from Iowa State Football's summer strength and conditioning program.

Strength and conditioning coach Matt McGettigan oversees summer workouts. (Photo/CI Steve)

Safety Steve Paris (left) stretches his arms early in the workout session. (Photo/CI Steve)

Jason Berryman lifts. (Photo/CI Steve)

Defensive lineman Nick Leaders lifts. (Photo/CI Steve)

ISU football players perform pushups. (Photo/CI Steve)

Strength and conditioning coach Matt McGettigan sets out the day's work schedule as each session begins. (Photo/CI Steve)

Quarterback Austin Flynn (at left foreground) is one of the players participating in the afternoon sessions. (Photo/CI Steve)

Kicker Tony Yelk works out in the morning and assists McGettigan in the afternoon sessions for an internship. (Photo/CI Steve)

Rookie Travis Ferguson (right) assists defensive lineman Korey Smith in lifting. (Photo/CI Steve)

Linebacker Matt Robertson lifts while offensive lineman Bastian Schober spots.(Photo/CI Steve)

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