Fiacco Close to Commitment

The month of August is just around the corner and that means it's almost decision time for Hartland (Wisc.) Arrowhead offensive lineman Jason Fiacco. spoke with Jim Fiacco, Jason's father, to get an update on how close his son is to making a commitment.

"Jason is making his decision and will have something within the next two weeks," said Jim Fiacco. "It should be by August 9th. Things are looking real good for the Cyclones. His high school is on vacation and Jason is going to be making a decision. When his coach gets back he's going to do a release."

Fiacco now appears to be seriously considering Iowa State, Northern Illinois, and West Virginia.

But the Fiaccos have yet to make unofficial visits to West Virginia or Colorado, which has also been in the picture. That could mean this remains a two-horse race until commitment time.

"He hasn't made any other trips (other than stops at ISU and Northern Illinois)," Fiacco said. "We kicked around going to West Virginia and Colorado, but those are put on hold. He only has a week and a half before football starts and we are planning on going to Florida to visit family. He wants to start focusing on his senior year and getting his team back to state."

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