Blum Commitment on Horizon

Tyler Blum knew he wanted to make his decision after his baseball season ended, which took place this past weekend when Walnut exited the Class 1A state tournament in the semi-finals. Now is Blum ready to make his decision?

"I'm still going to make it before the start of my season, and it will happen in the next two weeks," said Tyler Blum.

Is he planning to drive to the school of his choice? While Tyler was not willing to name any favorite, does he have a good idea of where he is heading?

"I'm not really sure how I'm going to let my decision be known, but it'll probably be over the phone. I have a pretty good idea of where I want to go right now, but I'm taking a little more time just to make sure it is right."

Iowa State has informed Tyler he can play the position of his choice while Iowa has indicated Tyler will start out on the defensive line, specifically at defensive end.

"I'm completely fine with playing defensive end, but I also like the fact I consider playing other positions. Really, there is nothing that stands out about either school, except for maybe Iowa has had more success the past two years, but I see good things in Iowa State's future. They both have great coaching staff's."

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