September Issue Preview

Curious about the next issue of our popular magazine? Even though many of you are just now receiving our Iowa State football preview, it's already time to look ahead to next month's offering, which focuses on the Big 12 Conference and more!

In the next issue of CN Magazine you'll find:

  • Everything you ever wanted to know about the Big 12 Conference in 2004, but were afraid to ask.  Including contributions from Tom Dienhart of The Sporting News, Pete Fiutak of, Blair Kerkhoff of The Kansas City Star, Lee Barfnecht of The Omaha World-Herald, Andrew Logue of The Des Moines Register, and Eric Petersen of The Ames Tribune.
  • Indepth previews of the North and South Division races.
  • Our media roundtable's predictions of which two teams will face each in the Big 12 Championship Game on December 4th.
  • An extensive interview with Big 12 Commissioner Kevin Weiberg.
  • A comprehensive look at the players Iowa State's basketball program focused on during the July summer camp circuit.
  • Plus much, much more!

If you're not already a subscriber to CN Magazine, and would like to be in time to receive this issue, click on this link:

Don't miss out.  Remember, there is only one publication in the entrie universe devoted solely to coverage of ISU sports and recruiting, and that's CN Magazine!

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