Degand Has a New Plan

Iowa State has coveted Boston (Mass.) O'Bryant High guard Farnold Degand for quite some time, but recently wanted to speed up the recruiting process by imposing a deadline on him. Well, July 18th came and went with no decision from the 6-foot-3, 160-pounder. What's the latest on Degand and Iowa State? caught up with him this afternoon for an update.

"I talked to them and I guess there is no deadline now," said Degand, who averaged 21.5 points, eight rebounds, and three assists as a junior. "We're just going to keep in contact and see how I feel in a few weeks.

"They feel as if I've had enough time to make my mind up, because they offered me a scholarship like a year ago. They figure that they might not get me or whatever, but it's not like that. I'm waiting for everything to end from the summer circuit to see what I have, what my options are, and what I can do from there."

While the Cyclones' power play could have scared Degand off, Wayne Morgan and his staff still have a great relationship with him and are one of the favorites. But he also made it clear that some other programs have emerged over the summer, too.

"Iowa State is still very high on my list," he said. "I've also gotten offers from Baylor and James Madison. I've gotten interest from Villanova, St. John's, and a few others."

Rhode Island, Boston University, and George Washington have also pursued Degand throughout the summer.

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