Cooper Set to List Favorites

Jon Cooper knew he wanted to have his list narrowed before the start of the season, and it appears he has specifically set the end of this week as being the timetable to have it done by.

"I just started my first official practice today, and I'm planning on sitting down with my parents to narrow my list sometime this week," said Cooper.

How many teams will he narrow it down to?

"I hope to have it narrowed down to five or six schools. I will just the others thanks, but no thanks. I may even decide on a few official visits at that point, as well."

One school that may catch people by surprise in making Cooper's final list could be the Iowa State Cyclones. However, do not rule it out as the Cyclones stand a very good chance of being one of the finalists.

"I'd say I've had the most contact with Iowa State than any other team on my list. One of my former coaches, Bo Beck, just was hired there as a grad assitant so we talk all the time. They've offered my teammate, tight end Derrick Catlett, as well."

Cooper will not make a decision with the same criteria used by most prospects.

"The glamour of the school is not what I'm looking for. Having lots of wins and bowl games is cool, but that is not the highest priority of mine. I want to be somewhere that I fit in, and I am happy with my surroundings."

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