Cooper Considering Favorites

Fort Collins, Colorado, offensive lineman Jon Cooper is entertaining several offers from Division I programs, but has indicated it is time to narrow his list down to five. With his senior season just around the corner, asked him if he had made some decisions over the last week.

"I haven't officially named my five favorites yet," said Jon Cooper. "I've been talking it over with my parents, and I haven't narrowed it down. But we have been talking about it, and it will be narrowed it down as soon as I get ahold of some of these coaches. It should be pretty soon. For now, the focus has been on our team because we're going to be pretty good this season."

Among the programs to offer Cooper are Nebraska, Wisconsin, Iowa, Iowa State, Oklahoma State, Wyoming, Colorado State, Missouri and California.

Within the last seven days, ISU picked up a commitment from Cooper's teammate and close friend Derrick Catlett, a 6-foot-4, 220-pound tight end. The two have played football together since fifth grade and traveled to the Cyclones' padded camp in June.

How much of a factor will Catlett's decision be in picking finalists?

"(Iowa State's) got a great chance," Cooper said. "To tell you the truth, they probably will be in my top five. But it's not official yet, so I can't say for sure they are in it. Having Derrick already committed doesn't hurt them at all."

Cooper went on to say that if the Cyclones were one of two programs he liked at the end, they would probably win out because of his relationship with Catlett.

ISU's chances have also boosted by its recent hiring of defensive graduate assistant Bo Beck, a former assistant coach at Fort Collins.

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