October Issue Sneak Peek

In the next issue of CN Magazine due out in October, we commemorate Cael Sandeson's historic run to the Olympic Gold Medal. This issue is sure to be a perfect keepsake for any Cyclone fan! But there's more to come as well...

Coming next issue in CN Magazine:

  • Follow the exploits of former Iowa State national champion Cael Sanderson as he soars through his weight class in Athens to win the Olympic Gold Medal.
  • Hear from ISU wrestling coach Bobby Douglas about his experience as an assistant coach for the U.S. Olympic team.
  • Meet the four named captains for the 2004 Iowa State football team.
  • Learn more about Todd Fitch's struggle with testicular cancer and his battle to return to the gridiron this fall.
  • Get an offseason update on both men's and women's basketball.
  • Find out more about Colorado prep teammates Derrick Catlett and Jon Cooper, two of ISU's top football recruiting priorities for the Class of 2005.

That and much, much more!

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