ISU vs. Iowa Postgame Quotebook

Iowa State head coach Dan McCarney and his players addressed the media following a seven-point defeat at the hands of Iowa Saturday afternoon in Kinnick Stadium. Here are some select quotes.

Dan McCarney:

"I thought it was a tremendous football game. It was a hard-fought physical game. I was proud of my team. We're not going to accept losing. Our expectations were to come here and win this football game, and that's exactly what we tried to do. Iowa's got an outstanding football team and excellent defense."

"I was proud of our team. We didn't make enough plays when we had the opportunity to. Iowa made key plays. But watching from the sidelines, there didn't appear to be any physical mismatch. We'll have a lot of things to pull from this game and build on."

"We let one out early in the game and let one out late. Jermelle Lewis is a tremendous back. Both defenses did a real good job throughout the game. It's real hard to run the football against those guys. From our standpoint, when we're one-dimensional, that makes it kind of hard. Their defensive backs and linebackers do a good job of disrupting routes. But we still had our opportunities and chances at times."

"They did a lot of good things in a tough environment against an outstanding defense. We'll evaluate the tape. My gut feeling right now is that both of them will play next week. We'll watch tape, grade it, and see who starts. But I'm sure both of them will play next week."

"He got dinged. I think he's going to be OK. He took a good shot at the end. It was a legal tackle and good hit, but he was a little dizzy. I think he'll be fine."

"It was a real physical game overall. We lost (Brent) Curvey. I don't think it's serious, thank God. Cephus Johnson got a knee injury in the game last week, so he's week-to-week. He didn't practice this week. For a while, we had two of our starters out. Luke Vander Sanden got a hamstring. It's not serious at all. It's just a pulled muscle. With Tony Yelk it's just week-to-week. One day it feels great and another day it's sore. We sure could have used him today."

"From an effort standpoint, the physicalness against a highly-ranked opponent and team that was a four-touchdown favorite. We played to win. I didn't sense our kids gave in when there was some adversity. Our defense is growing. If we don't get wiped out with injuries, I still think this might be our best defense since I've been here. I'm proud of those guys."

"Not being able to make plays when we had the opportunity. We missed three field goals. When you're grinding, fighting, scratching to get yardage and first downs, you've got to come away with points. I was real disappointed we weren't able to do that."

"I thought Bret did some nice things in the first half, even though we only had a field goal on the board. We did some good things moving the ball. Austin made a beautiful play on the touchdown pass to Todd Blythe. He does have some experience, so we'd hope he has some moxie and could draw from that. I still think we have two quarterbacks we can win with, and we'll continue to play them both."

"It was a tremendous play and great execution on their part. Hinkel makes a great catch, and it was a beautiful throw-and-catch. It's smart. That's good coaching. Our starter Ellis (Hobbs) is out, and we've got a backup in there. They went right after him and made an excellent play."

"I thought we did some good things. Obviously we have to get a lot better run blocking. But we knew it was going to be a major challenge. I thought overall against a tremendous defense that can really pressure you with their front four, I think there were a lot of times when our protection was pretty good."

Tyson Smith:

"Coaches just told us to keep playing hard and going after the ball. We spotted some weaknesses in their pass protection, so we were able to get some penetration."

"It's not really a confidence builder, because we came in wanting to win this game. They're a good team and we came up short. We take this as a learning experience. We need to improve each week. We've got a lot of football games left."

"It was a little momentum, but we didn't make enough plays during the whole game. It doesn't really matter what quarter it was. We needed to take advantage of a lot more things."

Bret Meyer:

"Our offensive line did a phenomenal job of protecting us. When you're put in the position to win the game, like I was today, you need to take advantage of that. I failed to do that."

"I don't think we take much from this game, other than the fact that we didn't make enough plays to win. Just because you're picked to lose by a lot of points, and you don't lose by that many, it doesn't mean you take anything from it. We put ourselves in position to win this game if we would have made more plays."

Nick Leaders:

"We showed signs today of being a real good team. We've got to stop making mistakes here and there, otherwise we're going to be real good."

"I think we're confident. Last week against UNI we played well and knew it, but people were saying it was against a Division I-AA program. So we went up against Iowa and had something to prove. We played well for the most part, but let them out of the gate twice and that cost us."

Todd Blythe:

"We needed a spark on offense. Normally I'd have a corner route on that play, but the coaches told me to run the corner route and then turn it up and go deep. Austin threw the ball out there and made a great play. I went up trying to catch the ball, and if nothing else get pass interference. I was lucky enough to get up before (the defender), catch the ball, and run into the end zone."

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