Tim Dobbins Q&A

First-year Cyclone linebacker Tim Dobbins is an exciting and explosive player to watch on the field, but is starting to show that he is just as dynamic in a press setting. Dobbins shared some of his thoughts on the early season, and on life in general, Tuesday afternoon in a question-and-answer session.

CN: How does it feel chasing down ball carriers as a Cyclone?

Tim Dobbins: I'm very excited about that. I'm in Division I now and this is a dream come true for me. This is a big step. I'm enjoying this team. I just try to get better each week, because the first game was real hard to me. But if I get confident with this defense we're running, it will be even better. I'm feeling better and better. This is a big chance for me. I'm in the spot where a whole lot of people want to be, so I want to take advantage of it.

CN: What were your early expectations for this fall?

Dobbins: I didn't think I'd be starting right off the bat. I was hoping I was what they were looking for, and if I could play hard then I'd be hoping to play some.

CN: What are some of the differences between Division I and JUCO ball?

Dobbins: It hasn't been smooth at all. It's very hard and different. It's quicker that junior college. Everything is a lot harder.

CN: Do you have any regrets about not getting to play four seasons of D-I?

Dobbins: I'm enjoying it a whole lot more, but at the same time I don't think I could have stayed here for four years. This is a hard place. You've got to do a whole lot of running and a whole lot of exercising. It was best for me to go to junior college and get two years out of the way right there, then come here and give it my all.

CN: Why weren't you able to go D-I out of high school?

Dobbins: I couldn't pass the ACT. That's about it.

CN: Were you hoping to stay in the south and go to school?

Dobbins: Not really, but I was hoping when I came out of high school that I would end up in the SEC. But this is a big school, and I'm still satisfied with where I am.

CN: Which programs gave you looks in high school?

Dobbins: I had Tennessee, Ole Miss, and some others. When I had my grade problems, Tennessee backed off. Ole Miss still went to see me at junior college, but the guy that was recruiting me went to the Dallas Cowboys and they had a new guy in. I guess he didn't like what he saw. Then Iowa State started talking to me, I really liked what they were talking about, so I came here.

CN: Explain your thoughts when a program like ISU started scouting you.

Dobbins: Yes, sir. It came a whole lot out of the blue. It came out of the blackness.

CN: What do you do when you're not chasing ball carriers?

Dobbins: I'm a family man and have a wife (Amanda) and two girls that are three (Anna) and nine months (Timera). About all I do is go to school, play football, and go home. It's nice because they get my mind off of things. If I have a bad day I go home to see them, and I'm happy again.

CN: Do you have a mean streak or intensity that a middle linebacker shows?

Dobbins: I'm not vicious or mean right now, because I don't know all the defense. You all will know when I'm vicious or mean, because I'm going to know everything. I'll be able to go without thinking about it. You haven't seen the best yet.

CN: Have you always played linebacker since you were a youngster?

Dobbins: Pretty much. It was either that or running back. I'm not good at running back anymore, but I'd rather hit someone than run anyway.

CN: Do you idolize any linebackers in the professional or college ranks?

Dobbins: Everybody would say Ray Lewis or something like that, but I don't think I have a favorite. I just try to be the best I can.

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