Taggart Returns From ISU Visit

The recruitment of Mount Zion (N.C.) standout Shawn Taggart continues to heat up after the power forward took his second official visit this weekend. After returning from Ames on Sunday, Taggart had good things to say about his stop at Iowa State.

"He had a great visit," said Shawn Taggart's AAU coach Tony Squire. "He had a fantastic time this weekend. He told me that his eyes have been opened. Right now it's even between Memphis and Iowa State, as far as the lead.

"He was impressed with the facilities, and going to the football game and seeing the support out there. He said it was a great environment at the stadium. The crowd really got into it and never gave up when the team was down. The fans kept clapping and cheering them. He has always heard this was one of the best places to play."

The 6-foot-10 senior still plans to take his official visit to Virginia Tech this weekend. However, Squire said anything beyond that visit isn't a guarantee. Taggart had made his first stop last weekend at Memphis.

"He's thinking about taking his other visits and will take his visit this weekend to Virginia Tech," Taggart's AAU coach said. "Then he's going to come back and decide if he wants to take the other two or not."

The other two visits would likely be to Florida State and St. John's in the first two weekends of October.

The Cyclones' backcourt, which includes his former prep school teammate Tasheed Carr, and the team's glaring need for an impact big man were factors Taggart took into consideration.

"He thinks he could come into a situation like this and help be a part of a team going in the right direction," Squire said. "He had fun playing with those two great guards and the other guys. The leaders of the team told him they would welcome him and that he would be a part of this. He had a good time hanging out with the guys off the court. He felt like he could be a part of something special. He had a great visit."

Taggart also enjoyed his time spent with head coach Wayne Morgan, his staff, and the program's support staff.

"Being around Wayne and the coaches were a big plus," Squire said. "He thinks Wayne would be a great coach to play for, and also the coaching staff. He felt like he could be a part of the family there, too. Meeting the President and Athletic Director were huge for him. One of the guys he really enjoyed over the weekend was Thomas Hill, the vice president of student affairs. He laughed so much being around him, Wayne, and all of those guys.

"He liked hearing from (Bruce Van De Velde) that Coach Morgan was going to be around to build the program. That meant a lot to him. We hear so much about the musical chairs with college coaching. He wanted to make sure the coach was going to be around."

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