Dallas OL Talking Visits

Dallas (Texas) Jesuit High School offensive lineman Reggie Stephens is starting to plan official visits, and a pair of programs from the Big 12 Conference have already been booked for December. It should come as no surprise that those same two schools are his two favorites.

"His favorites that have offered him are Kansas State and Iowa State," said Jesuit head coach Bob Wunderlick. "The fact that he's visiting Iowa State first tells me that they are either his favorite or second favorite. He is visiting Kansas State the following weekend. I'd say Iowa State has a 50-50 chance of getting him. It may come down to Iowa State and Kansas State."

Wunderlick went on to say that his star offensive lineman has scheduled a visit to ISU the weekend of Dec. 3. He will then make an official stop at K-State.

Cyclones assistant coach and main Dallas recruiter Tony Alford visited Jesuit Thursday morning to visit with both Reggie Stephens and teammate Sean Carney, who is also being recruited by ISU. Alford has already made quite an impression on Stephens since offering him a scholarship last May.

"I think he was covering all of his bases with Reggie," Wunderlick said. "All he knows at this point is what he's researched and gotten to know through Coach Alford. It's hard not to like Tony; he's a very nice guy and friendly. He's always been a straight-shooter with me and has recruited a few kids from here. I think Reggie likes Coach Alford and what he's read and seen on Iowa State. He's looking forward to getting to know him better."

Stephens also has offers from Utah, Baylor, UTEP, and Miami of Ohio. He would also like to add Notre Dame to that list, but it's become apparent that the Fighting Irish are not interested in signing as many interior offensive lineman.

"His dream school is Notre Dame, and he camped there," Wunderlick said. "They haven't offered him, and we have a pretty good relationship with the coaching staff there. They're looking for tackles this year and they don't see Reggie as a tackle, so I don't think they're going to offer him."

Division I programs like Stephens for his work both on and off the field. The mammoth offensive lineman has helped pave the way for Jesuit's starting tailback to gain more than 500 yards in three games, and is a leader on that side of the ball. He hits the books as hard as he does opposing defenders.

"There is a huge upside to Reggie," Wunderlick said. "He turned 17 in late August, so technically he should be a junior in high school. He was doing so well at the small school he was at in grade school that he either started early or was promoted. He's up to two years younger than most of the kids he's competing with.

"He's got quick feet for a big kid and is an athlete. He plays basketball, throws the shot put, and power lifts. Once he really fills out his legs, he will really take off. The program he chooses will probably benefit more than we have, because right now he's more upper body strength than he is lower body strength. He is also a very smart kid. This is a tough school to get into, and he's got over an 1,100 SAT and an 85 average."

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