MBB Media Day Photo Gallery 1

Iowa State hosted its 2004-05 media day festivities yesterday, with head coach Wayne Morgan and players previewing the upcoming season. Here is the first in a series of photo galleries from CI Steve.

Wayne Morgan. (Photo/CI Steve)

Curtis Stinson. (Photo/CI Steve)

Will Blalock, Robert Faulkner, and Dave Braet.(Photo/CI Steve)

Aaron Agnew. (Photo/CI Steve)

Agnew. (Photo/CI Steve)

John Neal. (Photo/CI Steve)

Anthony Davis, Tasheed Carr, and Rahshon Clark (Photo/CI Steve)

Rahshon Clark, Tasheed Carr, and Anthony Davis get photographed. (Photo/CI Steve)

Clark, Carr, and Davis check out the photo.(Photo/CI Steve)

Damion Staple. (Photo/CI Steve)

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