Flynn Stays on Alert

Third-year sophomore quarterback Austin Flynn spoke with the media Tuesday afternoon about everything from the struggles of the red-zone struggles of the offense to how he's coping with his new role on the team. Here is a question-and-answer session with Flynn.

CN: How close do you think this offense is from solving the red-zone woes?

Austin Flynn: It seems like we're there. I don't know what the problem is. We're driving the ball well, and it seems like we've got some good drives going. It's not just one-hit wonders. We're getting five, six, seven, or nine play drives. We've got to find a way to put it in the end zone.

CN: What areas have Meyer improved as a quarterback?

Flynn: Maybe he was looking at single receivers before, instead of defenders and throwing off them. Maybe he's not looking at Todd Blythe so much, one guy. We've got a lot of talent in our wide receivers, and he's starting to spread it around a little bit. He's really reading defenders well.

CN: What do you think of your new role on the team right now?

Flynn: I'm kind of out there in the blue right now, for me and the coaches. Whatever I can do to help the team, I'll try it. I'm just trying to stay in it and stay positive. If my time comes up, I need to be ready. I was a little cold and stiff in Colorado, so I need to stay warm and be ready. It's the Big 12 and anything can happen. It's just like in the A&M game, Bret went down for a half and I had to come in.

CN: How are you able to keep in it mentally?

Flynn: The coaches really keep me in the loop and talk to me. I'm helping out with the signals and hang around Coach Cotton. I'm ready to go.

CN: When was the last time you played a position other than quarterback?

Flynn: That would have been my seventh grade year, when I played defensive end and quarterback. I wouldn't really be expecting to play that now, but I'd love the chance. (laughs)

CN: At what point do you sit down and consider your future at ISU?

Flynn: Not right now. I've got all of my focus on getting a bowl game, and any way I can to help us get there. That stuff is for after the season. Right now, it hasn't even crossed my mind. It's something that I'm not focused on. I'm focused on us getting in the end zone and winning.

CN: Realistically, is it too late in the season to make a position change?

Flynn: Right now all of my focus is on quarterback. But if the coaches decide they want to put me somewhere else, then I'll put all of my focus there. It's day to day for me. We haven't really experimented with anything else so far.

CN: Do you think your situation would be different right now, if not for the incomplete pass in the second half against Texas A&M?

Flynn: Maybe. I don't know. It's something you wish you could have back, seeing that receiver after you threw it. Maybe if we don't get an interception, they don't score there, and he drops it, then maybe we get a little momentum. It could have changed the whole game around. It's not just my situation.

CN: How have your parents helped you cope with the last few weeks?

Flynn: My mom always seems to say the right thing to me. Both of my parents want me to stay positive and working hard. Those are their main points to me. If I get my chance, I need to make the best of my opportunities.

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