Fan's Look at MBB Media Day

First of all, I had never been to an Iowa State media day before. It was a lot of fun. It was always fun as a kid waiting for Media day to come around, because that meant Iowa State basketball season was just around the corner.

I shook hands with John Walters, Eric Heft, and Gary Thompson. That was a real honor for me, being that I had never met them before.

Everyone there was real down to earth. I saw Bruce Van De Velde, but didn't talk to him though. As for the team, Curtis Stinson was a media darling, and I was impressed with his poise. He had about 10 or 15 tape recorders stuck about an inch or two away from his face. He said his hand is about 98 percent recovered from his injury last year. His finger is still a little sore, but is almost recovered.

This team is very loose bunch of guys, and they know how to have fun. About eight or nine players took part in a touch football game before the festivities began, and it was fun watching the players be loose and free. By the way, Tasheed Carr looks fully recovered from his hip injury, as he was running all over the place.

The coaching staff set the pace, which is to have fun but also to get your work done. Under Coach Eustachy the players I feel were too tight and didn't do as well as they were capable of because he made them nervous. I went around and shook hands with Coach Morgan, Coach Archibald, and Coach Sharp. Each of them was real geniue and honest in their answers to some of my questions. My personal favorite was Damon Archibald. He is going to be a great head coach some day.

The following are some of my comments on some of the key players for this year's team…

Jared Homan is a man, a monster that is a force to be reckoned with. He looked real intimidating with his goatee. Rashon Clark is supreme athlete, and will be throwing down some SportsCenter dunks this year. Mark my words. Look for John Neal to be the most improved of the returning players. Damion Staple looks the part of a Big 12 player, and now he can bring it every night consistenly. Anthony Davis is a personality, as Bill Seals put it. He is very personable. He will be a strong defender and outside shooter for the Cyclones. Aaron Agnew is a gentle gaint and wears his weight well. The coaches hope he get down to the 340-pound range. He is about 365 right now.

That's about it. Go Cyclones, let get into the NCAA Tournament.

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