CN Scouting Report: J.D. Walton

Allen High School has a football program that has made an impact in the past few years. After a team that went 13-2 last year, they have a 6-2 record so far this year. This success has been beneficial for the players as they move on in their football careers. Three players have already committed to Division I program, and several more are entertaining offers from other schools.

One of these players is J. D. Walton, a 6' 3", 285 pound tackle. He plays next to Jerrod Butler, a 6' 1", 330 pound guard who has already verbally committed with the University of Houston. With a quarterback who has verbally committed to Arkansas, there is a lot of talent on the offensive side of the ball.

On this night, they played The Colony in damp and rainy conditions. The combination of Walton and Butler led the way for a lot of the 182 rushing yards that the Eagles accumulated. Walton seemed to have a bit of an attitude with his blocking techniques and kept blocking and working until the whistle blew. It seemed that the opposition was trying to cut his legs out from underneath him. On numerous occasions, Walton would take his opponent after the cut and either hold them down or sit on them.

Walton's pass blocking was solid. He was susceptible to the spin move on a couple of occasions, but the moves were to the outside instead of the inside where the defender would have a more direct line to the quarterback. The good protection led to 212 passing yards by the Dicks, Casey and Nathan.

The head coach for Allen used a lot of players during the game, giving a lot of them experience for the future. Walton was one of the players who went in and out of the game. The team that they were playing, The Colony, now has a record of 1-7. It will be interesting so see how Walton does against better competition, and expanded playing time once the playoffs start in three weeks. Allen should be one of the 96 teams in the 5-A playoffs that begin, I believe, on November 11.

In other personal observations, I noticed two running backs for Allen who are both only sophomores. They were both small in stature, but hit the holes quickly. Charles Opeseyitan finished with six carries for 47 yards, and Matt Morrison had seven rushes for 29 yards in limited play. Morrison was actually a little bigger than Opeseyitan, but they both hit the holes hard and made some good moves in the open field. An eye may need to be kept on these two down the line.

One player that I was impressed with was a player from The Colony. Their quarterback, Steffan Henderson, was a very good athlete. On a 1-7 team, he was the shining star for the team. He was 10-for-16 in passing for 119 yards and two touchdowns. But the best part of his game was running the ball. He finished with 21 carries for 93 yards, which isn't earth-shattering by any means, but he got these yards on some broken plays and a lot of yards after contact.

He also ran a lot of quarterback draws. Two things that I really liked about him were that he was very elusive in the open field and trying to avoid the rush. The other was that he finished the run strong and fought for additional yards, even pushing the stack back as he struggled for more yards.

Usually, you will see the stack move ahead as more players from behind the play pile on. But there were a couple of occasions where the pile moved just from Henderson pushing it himself, which was impressive since he wasn't a large young man. He may not be a highly regarded recruit, but he seemed to be quite an athlete that may be able to play a position somewhere in a program, possibly in the defensive secondary with his decent height.

Totally off the subject, Allen High had the largest band that I have ever seen anywhere. They started their show by totally surrounding the field. I was told that there were 593 members of the marching band, and I believe it. I was sitting in the box, and I can feel the vibration of the beat on the table inside. I took a step outside, and it was like a rock concert out there. They were loud and proud.

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