Blythe: Individual Acclaim Not a Focus

<b>AMES, IA --</b> Redshirt freshman wide receiver Todd Blythe continued his banner season Saturday at Baylor with his eighth touchdown catch of fall. The Indianola (Ia.) native spoke with the media Tuesday afternoon about everything from individual success to the red-zone triumphs of the offense last weekend. Here is a question-and-answer session with Blythe.

CN: Is the mood with the team any different after last Saturday's win?

Todd Blythe: We've been upbeat this whole season and have tried to stay positive. But after Saturday, the mood in the locker room was amazing. It's been a while, even after the wins early in the season. To get a win the way we did on Saturday made it a lot of fun in the locker room.

CN: What do you think of the fans that have a ‘wait-and-see' approach?

Blythe: I don't blame them. We want them to come out and appreciate all of the fans that do come out. The ones that don't come out – that's their decision. We can't make them show up to Jack Trice on Saturday. We hope everybody comes out and packs the stands.

CN: Do you think the fans get beaten down after losses, like players might?

Blythe: I'm sure they do. I was watching the Monday Night Football game and they were talking about Cincinnati and what the mood around town was like for the last 10 years before last season. There were no positive things about football, so I'm sure fans can get beaten down. But we don't have any control over that, other than to go out, play our hardest, and try to get a win.

CN: The Big 12 North is pretty wide open this season. Where can you guys fit into the mix?

Blythe: We're trying to win the rest of our games. We want to win out. We're going to take care of ourselves and our business. Whatever happens happens. It will just play out however it does.

CN: What has Jason Scales brought to the table at tailback?

Blythe: He ran real hard on Saturday and showed some real quickness through the hole. He's hungry. That was his first real action. He had a few carries in other games, but that was his first real taste of getting a lot of carries in a game. He's got some speed and quickness, as well as strength. He's going to help our team a lot.

CN: Do you notice a difference in Bret Meyer's approach since he assumed a ‘full-time' role?

Blythe: He's approaching it the same way. When he and Austin (Flynn) were splitting time, they both approached it like they were starter and would play the whole game. They would just roll with what the coaches decided. But from a confidence standpoint, I'm sure he's got more of it now. He's played real well the last few weeks, and there is no reason he shouldn't have confidence.

He's leading our team and offense really well right now. Everyone on the offense grew up (against Baylor), but especially Bret Meyer and us scoring three times in the red zone. I know that will help his confidence, as well as the whole offense.

CN: How were you been able to change your fortunes in the red zone?

Blythe: The coaches have drawn up great plays, and know what kind of schemes that the defense is going to give us on the goal-line. They know whether it's going to be man-to-man or what kind of zone they're going to play. They just draw up the plays and we need to execute as best as we can. All the credit has to go to the coaches drawing up the plays. The offensive line has been giving us great time the last couple weeks. They've given Bret a lot of time in the pocket to make throws.

CN: What thoughts went through your mind on the touchdown catch against the Bears?

Blythe: After that play, I asked Jon Davis and the linemen, ‘Did you see that pass?' Bret threaded it between two guys, and I think he was rolling out too. That just shows what kind of arm strength he has, and he's going to get better and better as he gets older.

CN: That scoring catch tied a single-season record at ISU. How have you handled all of your accolades and success at an early age?

Blythe: I'm trying not to worry about that kind of stuff right now. If you want to ask me again after the season, that would be fine. For right now I'm trying to make sure I'm getting all my blocks, running my routes crisp, and giving the quarterbacks a good picture to look at so they know where I'm going to be. I'm not worried about all the other stuff right now, because I'm still learning.

CN: Did a redshirt season help you keep a certain focus this fall?

Blythe: Learning from the seniors last year – Lane Danielsen, Jack Whitver, Lance Young, Jamaul Montgomery, and David Banks-Bursey – helped me immensely. They had the knowledge from being there and had no problems passing it on. Last year I could sit back, watch them work, and how they approach practice.

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