Recapping the Cyclone Shootout

What a terrific day for Cyclone athletics. Iowa State wins in football, then the annual Cyclone Basketball Shootout. It was a Cyclone fan's dream come true.

In the women's portion of the event, it was a little more intense. Coach Bill Fennelly was intense as always. The Cardinal team was led by Katie Robinette's 14 points and seven rebounds in beating the Gold team, 32-29. There weren't any other players that scored in double figures. Anne O'Neil was real aggressive on offense, and was really looking for her own shot.

One thing that was real disappointing for me personally. For some reason there weren't any slam dunk or three-point contests between the teams.

The men's portion of the event became a shootout. I believe Coach Morgan just told the players to go out, have fun, and don't worry about playing defense. For the most part their wasn't much in the way of defense. The two team were pretty evenly matched.

The Cardinal team of (Homan, Stinson,Clark, Faulkner, Carr, Bergstrom, Grief, and Cesier) won 46-43 over the White team of (Blalock, Neal, George, Staple, Davis, Agnew, and Braet). Jared Homan was the lone player in double figures for the Cardinal team. He poured in 22 points, including a three-pointer. Curtis Stinson didn't score in double figure, but he got eight points and six assists. Plus he made two long three-pointers, which is good news for Cyclone fans.

The two freshman on the Cardinal team were also impressive. Rahshon Clark had the highlight of the night, with a fabulous ally-oop dunk. Tasheed Carr mostly deferred the ballhanding to Stinson all night, but he is a terrific ballhandler and has a nice touch on his outside shoot. I was a little disappointed in Robert Faulkner. I didn't think he showed a lot. Hopefully he can pick it up in the preseason games.

The White team was led by Reggie George, who scored 14 points and grabbed five rebounds. He ran the floor great, and finshed all of his shots real well. He had three or four dunks on the night. Almost all of his points came against Homan. George's performance tonight reminded me of last season's preseason opener in which he had 17 points.

The problem is he didn't carry that over into the rest of the season. Will Blalock had 12 points and Damion Staple had 10 points to round out the double figure scoring for the White. I was pleasantly surprised at how well Aaron Agnew ran the floor tonight. He carries his weight well. He reminded me of Oliver Miller from his days at Arkansas. Agnew had three points and just clogged up the lane.

There have been a couple of additions to the Cyclone roster in recent weeks. One is Dustin Streff, a musclar 6-foot-7, 250-pound forward. He is my pick for the next Skugland or Hester. A kid by the name of Chris Ceaser has also joined the team. He is a 6-foot-5, 185-pounder.

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